Octomom Allegedly Suffers From ‘Major Psychological Issues’

Octomom Nadya Suleman may have entered rehab for an alleged Xanax addiction, but a Radar Online source claims she also suffers from major psychological issues. Suleman’s father, Ed Doud, allegedly raised concerns about his daughter’s supposed drinking and driving habits recently.

According to the Radar Online source, there is not a history of substance abuse in the Octomom’s family. The supposed insider also maintains that Suleman has never before had any issues with either prescription or street drugs.

The insider had this to say about Nadya’s rehab stay and alleged underlying problems:

“Nadya absolutely does have major psychological issues though that have been untreated for years and she should be getting help for those very complicated problems. This trip to rehab is probably just another ploy for Nadya to get publicity and money from media outlets that pay her for pictures and stories. Nadya leads a very sad and lonely life. You have to remember, she is surrounded by children all day every day and has very little interaction with adults.”


The insider believes that an ongoing desire to be in the media spotlight is Suleman’s biggest mental health obstacle. Although she had publicly stated numerous times that she abhors the limelight, Nadya continues to conduct media interviews and make appearances on talk shows.

Im reference to Ed Doud’s alleged voicemail sharing his concerns about Suleman’s drinking, the source does not consider alcohol to be a major issue. The Radar Online insider had this to say about the Octomom’s drinking habits:

“Does she drink? Yes, she has 14 kids for heaven’s sake! She isn’t an alcoholic though. It’s just not who she is. If she just got honest with herself most of her problems would probably be easier for her to deal with.”