'The Flash' Recap: Boss Andrew Kreisberg Dishes On 'The Wrath Of Savitar'

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Flash.

Emotions were running high on The Flash, as "The Wrath of Savitar" employed the age-old story mechanic of time travel and altering the present to save a better future, only, in this case, it seems Grant Gustin's Barry Allen had more than his share of trouble in preserving a happy future. Taking a look back at The Flash via a brief recap seems to gives greater insight into the idea that the future may be set after all and everything Barry Allen does is exactly what he was destined to do. Executive producer and co-creator of The Flash adds credence to this idea of Fate having ultimate dominion over life and death, as he provides insight into what tonight's twists mean for the future of Barry and Iris on The Flash.

The Flash Recap: Savitar's Prophecy Fuels A Shocking Turn Of Events

The Flash, Barry Allen, Iris West
'The Flash' puts wedding bells on hold for Barry Allen and Iris West. [Image by CW]

Tonight's aptly named episode of The Flash, "The Wrath of Savitar," started out with a vision of the future and the fear of what may happen if a prophecy shared by Savitar does come to pass, according to Comicbook. The events of tonight's installment of The Flash spun out of control, almost from the moment Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) announced their engagement. Although most of Team Flash were happy for the couple, Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) saw through to Barry's true motives for proposing and called him out on it.

Wally confronts Barry with the idea that he was hoping to sideline a future revealed in a previous episode of The Flash, in which Gustin's character sees a future in which Iris is killed and in which she isn't wearing an engagement ring. Wally forces Barry to confront the possibility that he only proposed to change that future and defeat a prophecy shared by Savitar.

"One shall betray you, one shall fall, one will suffer a fate far worse than death," Savitar had predicted of Team Flash.

Angered by the way in which Wally forces him to face himself, Barry displaces his anger with himself and redirects it at Wally, possibly creating an irreparable rift in their friendship.

Later in "The Wrath of Savitar," it seems all of Barry's efforts were for nothing, as Iris overhears a discussion about his motives for proposing and understandably feels hurt and betrayed by the news. She tells Barry that she won't marry anyone just to be saved from harm.

Things come to a head on The Flash, when Wally uses The Philosopher's Stone to open up a portal to the Speed Force with the intention of confronting Savitar. Instead, he's sucked into the Speed Force with Savitar being ejected moments later.

Barry confronts Savitar, who then reveals that Wally is trapped forever in the Speed Force. Barry doesn't take this news well, attacking Savitar and leading to an ill-matched fight. Just after Savitar stabs Barry, he gets one lucky shot, severing his foe's sword appendage.

"The Wrath of Savitar" ends with Barry getting patched up and Team Flash feeling hopeless by the thought of getting Wally back to their reality.

Andrew Kreisberg Dishes On What This Week's Episode Of The Flash Means For Barry And Iris

The Flash, Wally West
'The Flash' boss Andrew Kreisberg hints that all may not be lost for Wally West. [Image by CW]

Speaking of Savitar's prophecy, The Flash showrunner tells Entertainment Weekly that the predictions are starting to come to pass with one of The Flash's team being subjected to a "fate worse than death" and the team's Judas being revealed. At one point, Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) begins to suspect she is the double agent, particularly after she feels compelled to steal a piece of the Philosopher's Stone. That just leaves the one to fall and Kreisberg suggests that might be predicting Iris' own demise.

Andrew says the prophecy is hardest on Joe (Jesse L. Martin), because he's the one of the group on The Flash who lacks any supernatural abilities. He's just a cop with a strong moral code and little else.

"But how does this simple man, who doesn't have these powers, fight the future? That's the thing that really starts to weigh on this triumvirate," says The Flash showrunner.

Kreisberg also reveals that Savitar had set things in motion with his prophecy for the sole purpose of turning Wally into a flash and getting him to take his place in the Speed Force. Only by sacrificing another could Savitar free himself.

The Flash executive producer hints that Wally may not be lost forever, but it will mean sending Barry Allen in to retrieve him and that, says Andrew, will be unlike any of Barry's previous journeys into the Speed Force.

"Last time, in a way, it was like he went to heaven, and this time it's more like going to hell — it's more about descending deeper and deeper into levels of hell," says The Flash showrunner.

"We get a little bit more about the Speed Force mythology and speedsters' connection to it."
The next episode of The Flash airs on Tuesday, March 14 on the CW network.

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