UFO News: Another Triangle UFO ‘Disappears’ In Christmas Eve Sighting Report

The latest UFO news focuses on a Christmas Eve sighting in Clearwater, Florida, from a Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) news story where a triangle UFO disappeared in a report that strengthens speculation about cloaking abilities for these types of UFOs.

Some readers will recall a similar UFO sighting in Los Angeles at the beginning of December, and the Inquisitr also published a report about a UFO in Missouri that made the news because of its odd “translucent” appearance. At that time, an Army Times report was referenced that pointed to possible cloaking technology.

The Clearwater UFO was one of three in that sighting. Much like the recent Philadelphia sighting, this included two objects that were visible until they passed behind a tree line. The third UFO completely “disappeared,” according to the witnesses.

“[O]ur observations [sic] of the first objects was lost when they made a right hand turn and disappeared behind some trees……The last object completely disappeared slowly before our eyes.”

Scientist works on physics equation
Could science have discovered a cloaking technology? [Image by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images]

In the report on the Missouri sighting, speculation centered on a possible “skin” of ceramic material that could make it more difficult to see an aircraft in flight. The Clearwater report is tantalizing because it begs several questions. What does the witness mean when saying that the UFO slowly disappeared? Was it a gradual fading due to ascension into the distance, or did the UFO just fade out of sight?

Roger Marsh, the communications director for MUFON, writes that one of the top reasons he enjoys covering triangle UFO news is because the triangles frequently pass closest to witnesses. Could this low flying be the natural outgrowth of the missions of these UFOs, and if so, would the fairly frequent sightings of them necessitate a need for some sort of cloaking device? If it does, how are these craft being cloaked?

Again, this would be a great reason for a follow-up with the witness to determine if she meant that the craft slowly faded from view, or if it made some type of movement changing its relationship and angle to the witness. If the craft is moving, it could indicate just that the witness was viewing from a perspective that lost a good sight line to the UFO. However, if the craft is slowly turning translucent, or transparent, then a great deal of work will need to be done to determine what, exactly, is causing these craft to elude detection.