Radio Host Attacked While Broadcasting Live In Bolivia

Fernando Vidal, a 70-year-old radio host was attacked during a live broadcast on Tuesday in Bolivia.

According to ABC, three men barged into Vidal’s studio on Tuesday morning while Vidal was interviewing two women about corruption allegations against customs police officers. One of the men fired a gun into the air while the other two spread gasoline around the studio. The studio was lit on fire and Vidal suffered second degree burns. One of the station technicians, Karen Arce, also suffered burns in the attack.

The Associated Press reports that Vidal is currently in stable but serious condition.

The three men were arrested after their attack on the radio host but they have not talked to police. Esteban Farfan, Vidal’s son-in-law, said that he believes that the attack was ordered by corrupt politicians or police officers.

Farfan said:

“My father-in-law knows the identity of the people who ordered this act. There are political interests that want to silence the radio station. We will name names at the appropriate time.”


Interior Minister Carlos Romero said that he also believes that the three men were ordered to attack the radio host. Romero said that the three men had no personal reasons to attack the radio station and believes that they were hired by someone to attack Vidal.

Romero said:

“There is surely someone else behind this and that’s what we’re investigating.”

Vidal is a former mayor of Yacuiba, a city in Bolivia that sits along a cocaine smuggling route. His daily radio show focuses on corruption in the city.