LeAnn Rimes May Add Twitter Users To Lawsuit

LeAnn Rimes may be adding Twitter users to her lawsuit against high school teacher Kim Smiley and her daughter Lexi, RadarOnline reports.

Rimes is suing Smiley for recording a phone conversation which ended up online without her consent earlier this year. In California, it is illegal to record a phone call without the consent of both parties.

Rimes’ camp believes the singer was set up to be recorded and may add more defendants to the lawsuit to be charged with conspiracy. Smiley denies that recording the phone was premeditated.

The recorded phone came after months of Twitter battle between Rimes supporters and opponents. Some Twitter users lent their support to Smiley, sending out tweets to help raise funds for her attorney retainer fee. The Twitter users also claimed that Rimes was trying to make Smiley lose her job, but this claim has been denied by the singer’s people.

Smiley told RadarOnline, “This lawsuit alone is both emotionally and financially draining and now I’m faced with the threat of losing the career that I’ve dedicated my life to.”


Smiley also said:

“LeAnn orchestrated this so it would get the most amount of coverage in the press. They have misrepresented our role in the phone call, as they knew that we were not the ones who released the recording online; they sent a C&D (cease and desist) letter to the person who did, yet they’ve made it appear that we did.”

Smiley also says Rimes has someone following her Twitter account — which has been private for more than nine months — who is taking screenshots of her tweets. She says Rimes claims her privacy was invaded, but Smiley is the one whose private tweets are being collected.

Smiley says Rimes’ lawsuit is based on revenge, even though she isn’t as innocent as she is making herself out to be.