South Carolina Teacher In Hot Water For Hanging A Political Sign In Her Classroom

A South Carolina teacher was temporarily removed from her classroom for hanging a political signs which reads, “The Road to H**l is Paved with Democrats.” Laurie Humphrey hung reportedly hung the sign near her desk at the Dutch Fork High School. An investigation is pending on the matter.

School District spokesman Mark Bounds called posting the sign about Democrats an example of extremely poor judgment by the teacher. Although the phrasing was reportedly in violation of school rules, there appears to be a question about whether or not the sign was part of a lesson about political campaigns.

Bounds also had this to say about the teacher’s political warning sign:

“We’re still investigating the issue. We want to make sure we have all sides and make sure we don’t make any decisions in haste. Our Human Resource department is looking at the situation and making sure the students are taken care of and that we’re fair to the teacher.”


The district’s board of education opposes actions that transform the school into an arena for political activity, according to an excerpt of the facility’s policy published by the Huffington Post. Prohibited activities reportedly include the distribution of paraphernalia which supports either a political party or candidate on school property when classes are in session.

Humphrey has been teaching social studies for 15 years, WLTX News reports. This “Road to H**l” sign incident is reportedly the first time she has ever received a disciplinary action. She has been employed at the Lexington-Richland 5 School District for the past 11 years. Bounds was not able to reveal whether or not Laurie Humphrey was on paid or unpaid leave.