March 8, 2017
WWE News: Daniel Bryan Teases Return To The Ring

One of the best things about Talking Smack every week is that Daniel Bryan seems to say anything he wants, without caring what the WWE might think of it. While it might remain scripted, Bryan has said some things that the WWE can't like, so it seems like he is shooting on occasion. The most recent instance was this week when The Miz told Daniel that he was angry because he can't wrestle anymore.

That is when Daniel Bryan gave a response that indicates the fans might be seeing him back in the ring again one day in the future.

"I can't or they won't let me? We'll see in a year-in-a-half, we'll see what happens."

Just like all the promos between Daniel Bryan and The Miz, they really fired off at each other with heat and mixed real life with storylines. The Miz was especially crisp. Last time he faced off with Bryan, the SmackDown Live general manager accused Miz of stealing everyone else's moves, gimmick, and look.

WWE News: Daniel Bryan Teases Return To The Ring
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The Miz shot back here against John Cena. Miz mentioned how John Cena stole the gimmick of men like Mark Wahlberg and Vanilla Ice to try to get over in the start. He also said that Cena stole Tommy Dreamer's Death Valley Driver and renamed it the AA.

Next, he really knocked one out of the park when he said Cena stole Dolph Ziggler's girlfriend and now the two of them are teaming up for matches. That was a pretty low hit, one that some mainstream fans might not even know about. Of course, it isn't the first time since Mickie James allegedly cheated on her fiancee, Kenny Dykstra of the Spirit Squad, with John Cena.

The Miz then finished off by saying that John Cena even stole one of his recent T-shirt ideas from a beer company. After that, Daniel Bryan said that Miz was just jealous and started to run down The Miz. That is when Miz hit Daniel Bryan where it hurt.

WWE News: Daniel Bryan Teases Return To The Ring
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Miz said that all Daniel Bryan wants to be is a wrestler but can't because of his head. After that, Bryan made the comment about revisiting that statement in a year and a half.

The first thing that comes to mind when Daniel Bryan throws out the year-and-a-half statement is that his contract with the WWE is for a certain amount of time. Daniel Bryan's WWE contract for Bryan ends in 2018, and it sounds like he might be considering a return to wrestling at that time.


Just last year, the Inquisitr previously reported that Daniel Bryan said in an interview with the Daily Progress that he believes that he will one day step into a ring to wrestle again. In that interview, Bryan stated that all the "real concussion specialists" said they believe he is fine.

The WWE actually released a statement after that interview. They said it was in the best interest of Daniel Bryan not to continue to work as an in-ring performer. That, once again, throws out the idea that the WWE won't let him wrestle, but Daniel wants to continue. Whenever a person is injured in the WWE, the company can stall contracts while they are out. When Bryan returned as the general manager, it caused his contract to start to roll again.

Daniel Bryan also said in an interview with that he needs to think about his future as a husband and father before considering a return to the ring. However, even if he does return to the ring like he hinted at on Talking Smack, there is no chance it will be in a WWE ring.

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