Father Cleared Of One Charge After Posting Photo Of Tape-Bound Toddler On Facebook

A toddler was allegedly bound with tape after slapping her father, Chicago Sun Times reports. The little girl’s father, Andre Curry, posted a picture of his bound daughter on Facebook with the caption, “This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back.” Several of his Facebook friends did not find the picture funny, and Curry was reported to authorities.

Curry was initially charged with “aggravated domestic battery, domestic battery, and unlawful restraint.” The unlawful restraint charged has since been dropped after it was determined that the tape was only on the toddler for a few seconds.

Detective Charles Hollendoner said he did not see any “bruises or marks on the baby” when he checked up on her days after the incident. The child was in good spirits and playing, the officer said, noting, “She was walking and talking but she wouldn’t say anything to me. She just smiled.”

The incident occurred on December 13. Andre Curry’s sister, Annastesia described the incident:

“She was laughing. He was laughing and I started laughing because she was laughing,” Annastesia said of the incident that took place at her home. Curry said that her brother and her then-22-month-old niece were “horsing around when her brother decided to place the blue tape on the girl’s mouth, ankles and wrists for roughly 30 seconds.” The baby was allegedly giggling during the act and minutes later when she was freed.

Defense attorney Sam Adam Jr. argued that Andre Curry, 22, did something “stupid, not criminal.” The charges, he stated, were too harsh.

Curry even texted a photo of the bound girl to her mother, Yesmin Doss, 21. Although Doss testified for the prosecution, she noted that Curry “is a very good father,” and said that she doesn’t believe he meant to harm the toddler. The picture text included the message, “Mommy help me.” Doss did not find the message humorous.

Hollander stated that the real danger was the tape of the toddler’s mouth. He told assistant state’s attorney Elizabeth Ciaccia that children “who have been suffocated or had their breath impeded may not show outward signs of injuries.”

Do you think this father deserves to be charged with crime for “joking around” with his daughter, or did this little prank go too far?