West Virginia Candidate Killed In Storm

John Rose Sr., a West Virginia legislative candidate, was one of three people killed in the state during Hurricane Sandy this week.

According to Rose’s son, George, the GOP candidate was checking the fences on his farm in Barbour County on Tuesday when a tree branch fell on top of him. Rose, 60, was a Republican candidate for the House of Delegates.

WDTV reports that it is too close to election day to remove Rose’s name from the ballot. Signs will be posted at all precincts in the 47th Delegate District to inform voters that Mr. Rose has passed away but his name will still appear on the General Election ballot. If Rose wins, the Republican party executive committee of Barbour County will choose three candidates. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin will then select the nominee for House District 47.

The Associated Press reports that two other people have been killed by Hurricane Sandy in West Virginia. A man in his 60s passed away on Tuesday while shoveling snow and a 40-year-old woman was killed in car accident that was blamed on the storm on Monday.

MSNBC reports that at least 46 people were killed during Hurricane Sandy in the United States. More than 60 were killed by the storm across the Caribbean.