Debbie Wasserman Schultz Allegedly Got Into An Argument With A Florida Police Officer

Aventura City, FL – Debbie Wasserman Schultz allegedly got into an argument with a Florida police officer who told her to stop blocking traffic with political demonstration outside of a polling place. According to witness statements, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair argued with the officer and attempted to intimidate him.

Wasserman Schultz allegedly tried to “pull rank” on the Florida law enforcement officer and uttered a comment about making a “well-placed” phone call. She was allegedly waving campaign signs and addressing voters on a street leading the Aventura City polling location. The police officer reportedly felt Wasserman Schultz was obstructing the flow of traffic by stopping cars before they could reach the parking lot, KFYI News reports.

The Florida cop allegedly asked the Democratic National Committee chair to move onto the sidewalk with everyone else. The Congresswoman was allegedly not thrilled with the directive, according to The Shark Tank, a Florida political website. Approximately five minutes after she allegedly made the “well-placed” phone call, the Aventura City Mayor arrived at the scene.

The mayor was allegedly “confronted” by the congresswoman. She reportedly stayed near the polling location another 20 minutes and then left with the handful of supporters who had arrived with her. A Democratic supporter allegedly told the Aventura City mayor that the DNC chair’s was “extremely inappropriate” after the congresswoman had gone.


Debbie Wasserman Schultz represents Florida’s 20th Congressional district. The region encompasses an area spanning from Miami Beach to Fort Lauderdale. She currently sits on the House Budget Committee.