Catching Raptor Claus In New ‘Ark: Survival Evolved’ Patch 253

ark survival evolved patch 253 raptor claus

You better watch out, you better not cry, because Raptor Claus is coming to Ark: Survival Evolved this Winter Wonderland event.

Christmas events are always the most generous time of the year and Ark: Survival Evolved is not holding back on the holiday’s cheer. This week, we saw Patch 253 go live for Ark: Survival Evolved, which introduced five new creatures: Cnidaria, Troodon, Tusoteuthis, Pegomastax, and the Therizinosaurus, as Inquisitr previously reported.

But what’s more interesting and exciting about Ark: Survival Evolved Patch 253 is the Winter Wonderland event happening right now. Expect the snow in Ark: Survival Evolved and the hordes of deer and penguins to lurk around for a week or two and take advantage of what Studio Wildcard has in store for all of us Ark: Survival Evolved junkies.

As Studio Wildcard mention on their Patch 253 announcement for Ark: Survival Patch, Winter Wonderland will be a bit different for those on the PC and on the console.

“It’s that most wonderful time of year again, a time of celebration, joy, and sharing. And we have a lot to share with you in this update!

“Join Raptor Claus as he darts across the night sky in his sleigh, air-dropping presents filled with high-end Loot Blueprints, Mistletoe, or Coal for naughty Survivors. Survivors can trade in Santa’s gifts for Reindeer Costumes, Candy Cane Club Weapons, Santa Hats, and if they collect enough Coal, they might even be able to summon the elusive holiday-themed DodoRex to do their bidding for a limited time!

“Console Survivors can experience the fun of the holidays by ‘sleighing’ special gift-bearing creatures! Scattered across the ARK, various festive themed friends will be delivering Santa’s Gifts.”

So for those playing Ark: Survival Evolved on the PC, you will get to meet Raptor Claus, this Winter Wonderland’s festive dinosaur who is bringing gifts and cheer for everyone.

Winter Wonderland event comes with Ark Survival Evolved Patch 253 [Image by Studio Wildcard]
Winter Wonderland event comes with Ark Survival Evolved Patch 253 [Image by Studio Wildcard]

If you’re one of the many Ark: Survival Evolved fans who are curious about Raptor Claus, well you’ll be able to spot Raptor Claus every night. This raptor dressed as a Santa could be seen flying in the Ark sky every night at 00:00 until 2:00, fully equipped with a sleigh and his band of reindeer.

You might want to watch out for Raptor Claus as he flies in your Ark: Survival Evolved game as he will be dropping Beacons that contain items, which could be used to craft Winter Wonderland items such as Holiday Lights, Candy Cane Club, Megaloceros Reindeer Costume, a Santa hat for both your person and Dino, Stocking, Holiday Tree, Snowman and Wreath.

In fact, PC Games N notes that if you collect enough coal from Raptor Claus’ drops, you’ll be able to summon the elusive holiday-themed DodoRex, which will do your bidding for a limited time!

As of writing, the known drops of Raptor Claus for your Ark: Survival Evolved crafting via Steam user Neo Blackheart are: Mistletoe, Coal, Giga Saddle, Mosa Saddle, Ghilie Suits, and other armor ranging from Primitive to Ascendant.

Craft exclusive Christmas items using Raptor Claus' gifts [Image by Studio Wildcard]
Craft exclusive Christmas items using Raptor Claus' gifts [Image by Studio Wildcard]

According to those at the Steam forums, catching the gifts that Raptor Claus will be dropping on the Ark: Survival Evolved map could be quite tricky—and so is catching up to Raptor Claus himself. What you could do is to have a pteranodon ready on hand and hang around the center of the map at 24:00 so you’ll be ready for Raptor Claus when he spawns at 00:00.

Take note that Raptor Claus’ presents will light up much like supply drops but no beam of light announces the drop. Your clue, however, is when he yells “Ho-ho-ho,” which is right about the time he drops the presents.

Those playing Ark: Survival Evolved during this Winter Wonderland event are also trying to do what every gamer would really want to: go after Raptor Claus. Aboard the pteranodon, you might have a chance of getting close to Raptor Claus. But since he flies above the Visqueen of the map, there’s no real reason to catch him, really, other than for the curiosity and fun of it.

As of now, Studio Wildcard has yet to give an official word when Winter Wonderland 2 will end in Ark: Survival Evolved but based on previous events and the delay of Patch 253, we might have the opportunity to go after Raptor Claus for a week or two more. The winter biome all over Ark: Survival Evolved could also stretch to as far as until the Spring/Summer maps arrive.

For more, you can check the full patch notes for Ark: Survival Evolved Patch 253 here. Happy Christmas hunting!

[Featured Image by Studio Wildcard]