Clinton News Update: Julian Assange Continues Attack On Hillary

Clinton news update features another attack on the former Democratic front-runner and it’s no surprise that it’s coming from one of her harshest critics—Julian Assange.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange took another jab at Hillary Clinton while slightly praising Donald Trump in his victory over the former secretary of state in the recent presidential election.

The latest in Clinton news featured the founder of WikiLeaks telling an Italian newspaper what he really thinks would have happened to the U.S. if Hillary Clinton had won the election.

Italian newspaper la Republicca interviewed Assange wherein the WikiLeaks founder said that a Clinton administration would lead to “a consolidation of power in the existing ruling class of the United States.”

The latest in Clinton news showed the controversial journalist saying that a Donald Trump administration would open America to more changes, although he didn’t specify if it will only be good changes or bad.

In his interview, Assange said that Trump is not a political insider, which may have good or bad consequences for the government.

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He said, “Donald Trump is not a DC insider, he is part of the wealthy ruling elite of the United States, and he is gathering around him a spectrum of other rich people and several idiosyncratic personalities.”

Assange added that, though Trump is quickly forming an alliance of the wealthy elite to serve as the country’s new governing body, the structure that he’s creating is “weak” which, at best, would only destabilize the current structure in Washington, D.C., which has been there for so many years.

The latest in Clinton news featured the WikiLeaks founder saying that Trump’s administration may be weak but it could also open up doors for many changes that can be good or bad.

Assange’s clear aversion to a Clinton administration has led many political pundits and the media to believe that he purposely tried to sabotage the U.S. presidential elections in favor of Trump and that the Russian government was his source of information to discredit Hillary Clinton.

But according to MediaITE, Assange denied that he got his information from the Russian government.

Assange spoke with Sean Hannity on the latter’s radio show recently wherein the controversial journalist said that the information he gathered about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was already out in the public.

Hannity pressed Assange and asked him if the information he gathered came from the U.S. But the WikiLeaks founder said that it didn’t come from any state party, although, he admitted later in the interview that some of it may have come from Russia.

Cosying up with the Russians

The latest in Clinton news also showed that Assange clearly favors the Russian government and Putin’s regime.

According to The Guardian, the WikiLeaks founder said that his publication doesn’t have to play a part in Russia at the moment because there is an abundance of avenues for open debate and investigative journalism there.

Assange claims that there are several publications in Russia that encourage criticisms from every individual on their government.

Julian Assange speaks to reporters from the balcony of the Ecuadorean embassy in London
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Assange cited Novaya Gazeta as one of the newspapers that openly critique the current administration on its failings, and he also said that there are several blogs and journalists who are permitted to speak their mind when it comes to criticizing the government.

But some publications and non-governmental organizations think otherwise.

The Guardian has noted that there have been several incidents of human rights abuses against journalists in Russia in the past two decades.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, since 1992 56 journalists have died in Russia, which contradicts Assange’s claims that the Russian government is impartial when it comes to free speech.

Also, Freedom House, an NGO that researches human rights abuses worldwide, said that the main national news outfit of Russia is under tight supervision by the Kremlin and that their state-owned television stations are also under close scrutiny, which contradicts Assange’s claims of freedom of the press in that country.

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