Rihanna Supports Chris Brown, Krista Santiago Romance, But Fears Singer Will Cheat? [Rumor]

Rihanna is happy to hear that Chris Brown has found love once again, it has been alleged.

The singer, who shared an on-again, off-again romance with the R&B star for several years, recently learned about Brown’s new relationship with Krista Santiago and she couldn’t be happier for him, a source tells Hollywood Life.

Rihanna hasn’t been all that close with Chris in recent years, especially after their somewhat of a nasty split back in 2013, but they’ve kept in touch every now and then and fully support each other with their music and business endeavors.

Rihanna Supports Chris Brown, Krista Santiago Romance, But Fears Singer Will Cheat? [Rumor]
Rihanna showcasing new album artwork. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for WESTBURY ROAD ENTERTAINMENT LLC)

It was only a matter of time before Rihanna would hear about the next woman that Chris has fallen in love with, but according to reports, Rih-Rih seems convinced that Krista is someone that Brown really sees himself having a future with.

Chris has already spoiled the Instagram model with lavish gifts, including a Rolex watch — he’s even gifted her the keys to his multi-million dollar apartment in Los Angeles, giving the impression that he might even want her to move in with him, Hot New Hip Hop reveals.

Rihanna doesn’t have anything negative to say about the relationship. She’s happy that Chris has moved on and hopes that the relationship will last, a source reveals. It should be stressed, though, that Rihanna knows how Chris can be when it comes to his girlfriends and, unfortunately, wouldn’t be surprised if Brown was to cheat on Santiago.

“Rihanna’s not really involved in Chris [Brown]’s life much, but to hear he’s got a new girlfriend is cool and she’s genuinely happy for him,” the source explained. “It’s the holidays and everyone deserves to be loved now more than ever.”

“She just hopes Chris does right by her, is faithful to her and loves her as he knows how. Chris was always a good lover, much much better than Drake ever was. Being charming, sweet and surprising Rih with unexpected gifts and vacations was Chris’ specialty. Rih misses that about him. But she’s certain he’s going to make this new girl of his very happy very fast.”

Chris has only been seeing Krista for a couple of weeks, but from what insiders have gathered, the twosome are head over heels in love with one another and their future together seems very promising.

Rihanna Supports Chris Brown, Krista Santiago Romance, But Fears Singer Will Cheat? [Rumor]
LAS VEGAS, NV - JANUARY 01: Singer Chris Brown performs at Drai's Beach Club - Nightclub at the Cromwell Las Vegas kicking off Drai's LIVE 2016 on January 1, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for Drai's Beachclub-Nightclub)

Rihanna, on the other hand, has remained single following her untimely split with Drake back in October. Rihanna isn’t said to be looking for love right now, having focused the last couple of months on building her career as an actress while making active plans to start recording her next album.

Ultimately, Rihanna finds peace knowing that even though her relationship with Chris never worked out, the singer has managed to move on and has kept a relatively low-profile in recent months, solely focusing on his own music and working on himself to be a better person.

It was just four months ago when three lawsuits were filed against Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend from his ex-staff members, claiming he had allegedly assaulted and threatened them with their lives on multiple occasions.

The singer has managed to keep himself out of the headlines and now only tends to catch the media’s attention when it comes to his relationships and how much of a better boyfriend he wants to be for Krista Santiago, which Rihanna supposedly finds super sweet.

As previously mentioned, Rihanna wouldn’t consider herself a friend of Chris’, but the twosome do check in on one another every now and then. A source concludes by saying that when the duo has their next conversation, Rihanna is sure to congratulate her ex-boyfriend on his new romance and hopes it works out for them.

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