Michael Jackson Song ‘Ben’ By Roberto Carlos And Rafa Gomes, Follows New Jennifer Lopez Music

Fans searching about Jennifer Lopez and her alleged new relationship with Drake might be surprised to see her name is being widely circulated in relation to names like Roberto Carlos, Rafa Gomes, and Michael Jackson.

Although it appears that everyone is wondering why Jennifer Lopez canceled her New York City Christmas concert, and fans worry on Twitter that the rumors about Drake are true, the association with J-Lo in Brazil is much different.

In Brazil, her fans are talking about Jennifer Lopez in association with Roberto Carlos, the Brazilian “King of Pop.”

While Jennifer Lopez might be in America for Christmas, and TMZ is reporting rumors that J-Lo is dating Drake, she has been popular in Brazil for the past couple of weeks because of a new duet she released with “The King of Pop” in Brazil.

Michael Jackson was with Jackson Five in London in 1972 when he released "Ben."
In 1972 when Michael Jackson released “Ben,” he was traveling with the Jackson Five in London. [Image by Keystone/Stringer/Getty Images]

A couple of days before Christmas, and a couple of weeks after releasing a new song with Jennifer Lopez called “Chegaste,” Roberto Carlos did a televised holiday special in Brazil where he and child prodigy Rafa Gomes did a tribute to Michael Jackson, performing Jackson’s song “Ben.”

Anyone that loves Michael Jackson songs might like when other voices sing his music, but those types of covers are rare for songs from when he was still with the Jackson 5.

According to A.V. Club, what is especially rare about the song “Ben” is that the tune was actually Michael Jackson’s first solo career attempt. After “Ben,” MJ would not have another solo song for seven years. Regardless, on his very first try, Michael Jackson’s song “Ben” was a top 20 hit.

Another interesting aspect of the movie Ben is that the film genre is horror, and the story is about a young boy and his pet rat named Ben. Michael Jackson’s “Ben” was used as the theme song for the movie.

However, on December 23, there were suddenly many updates about Michael Jackson’s song “Ben” in Portuguese and Spanish, and the tweets were associated with Roberto Carlos, a famed Brazilian pop singer, and another young singer named Rafa Gomes.

A video associated with these posts tweeted by fans include suggestions that it is highly recommended that everyone see the new Michael Jackson video where Rafa Gomes sings her rendition of “Ben” during a televised special Roberto Carlos hosted.

In the “Ben” Michael Jackson cover song video posted on Twitter on Christmas Eve 2016, the little girl is definitely talented, and when listening to Michael Jackson’s original version of “Ben,” it becomes clear that Rafa Gomes has done a brilliant job.

The video featuring Michael Jackson’s song that is being currently passed around Twitter is titled “Roberto Carlos 2016 Especial de Fim de Ano – Rafa Gomes & Roberto Carlos,” and is often associated in tweets with Rafa Gomes and her former role as participant on The Voice for Kids in Brazil in 2016.

Rafa Gomes is currently 10-years-old, and Michael Jackson was 14 when he sang “Ben” for the movie by the same name. In addition to the honor of singing a Michael Jackson song, Rafa Gomes being on stage with Roberto Carlos was also likely an honor. Roberto Carlos is similar to Michael Jackson in that he is often referred to as the “King of Pop” of Brazil.

Michael Jackson was 14 in 1972.
Michael Jackson was around age 14 when he recorded “Ben” in 1972. [Image by William Milsom/Stringer/Getty Images]

Like Michael Jackson, Roberto Carlos has performed with many celebrities over the years, and his recent music release was a collaboration with Jennifer Lopez called “Chegaste.”

“Chegaste,” was released on December 16, and it is Jennifer Lopez’s first attempt to sing in Portuguese. About working with Roberto Carlos, Jennifer Lopez tweeted that it was an honor to work with a true “living legend.”

Like Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jackson, Drake, and Roberto Carlos, Rafa Gomes has a huge online following with an impressive 467,000 followers on Instagram, over 313,750 Facebook likes, and almost 105,000 YouTube subscribers.

[Feature Image by Express Newspapers/Stringer/Getty Images]