Porsha Williams: ‘I Have Nothing To Do With Kordell TOOTING His Derrière To The Camera’ [Video]

Porsha Williams, a multi-season star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, is firing back at her ex-husband, former NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart, over allegations that she stole and publicly released a video in which Stewart is naked without his permission.

“Porsha Williams says Kordell Stewart is DEAD WRONG for insinuating she had anything to do with the release of a naked video featuring the ex-NFL star… saying the whole thing smells like a publicity stunt,” a TMZ article on the incident begins. “Kordell says a naked video of him was stolen and released without his permission and he pointed the finger at his ex-wife, Porsha, claiming she had something to do with it.”

TMZ spoke with Williams, 35, and she suggested that the whole thing is probably nothing more than a publicity stunt cooked up by Stewart.

“This is obviously a publicity stunt that Kordell and maybe one of his partners in crime came up with,” Williams said. “The truth is I have not spoken with Kordell Stewart since the day I signed our divorce decree. I have nothing to do with Kordell ‘TOOTING’ his derrière to the camera for the world to see.”

According to a previous report by the Inquisitr, the tape allegedly shows a focused frontal view of a man before panning up to reveal Stewart’s face. There are reports that the tape was released by a man claiming to be Stewart’s lover.

“The alleged sex tape of Kordell arrived in the email inbox of the Atlanta blogger who runs the Funky Dineva website,” according to the report. “The mysterious email had the subject line ‘Kordell,’ with a warning about ‘disturbing’ contents that ended up being the alleged sex tape of Kordell that’s setting Twitter afire.”

Tweets about the sex tape did get the hashtag #KordellStewart trending, which was undoubtedly a surprise to many, as the former NFLer has not made headlines very often in recent years.

“The email was reportedly written by a man named Quentin Latham, who has claimed to have dated Kordell for the past two years — and is just now exposing Stewart because of the manipulation that Latham claims Kordell has enacted upon Quentin.”

Stewart himself appeared on the 2012-2013 season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and later claimed that the show ruined his marriage to Williams.

“As I unlocked the doors and allowed Bravo’s camera crews into our house and our lives,” Stewart wrote in his memoir Truth: The Kordell Stewart Story, as quoted by The Hollywood Gossip, “all existing problems in our marriage seemed to be brought to light.”

According to excerpts from Latham’s email quoted by BET, Latham claims that he and Stewart were friends for years without anything sexual happening between them.

In somewhat graphic (and definitely NSFW) detail, Latham explains how their relationship progressed.

“We became friends, then close friends, slept in the bed together on trips without doing anything,” he said. “Then one day… I woke up and while laying in bed he brought up last sexual encounters.”

Latham then describes an encounter Stewart recalled in which he slept with two women at once. Stewart asked Latham if he had ever performed or would be interested in performing some of the same sorts of acts that the women had. Latham said that he might.

“Nothing happened for months until we got drunk and he aggressively said he wanted [sex],” Latham continues. “Needless to say that began our relationship.”

Latham claims he released the video out of frustration over his and Stewart’s supposed affair going south after Porsha Williams, “came back around.”

Kordell Stewart denied any sexual involvement with another man to TMZ Sports and said that his “#1 suspect” in the tape incident is Porsha Williams. You can watch the below video in which he asserts that the video was taken by a woman he was dating, and that the women’s phone was later stolen with the video on it.

[Featured image by Mark Davis/Getty Images]