Gigi Hadid Finally Makes A Sexy Appearance In ‘Love’ Magazine’s Advent Calendar

It’s the moment fans have been waiting for: Gigi Hadid appeared in Love magazine’s advent calendar! The 21-year-old starred in day 24 of the calendar much to the excitement of her fans.

Hadid wore a pink mesh bikini as she pranced around a high-rise apartment. E! News covered the model’s calendar shoot and called it seductive.

“Gigi Hadid showcases her smoking hot bod in a video for day 24 of LOVE magazine’s 2016 Advent Calendar.”

Gigi poses on a sofa, rolls around on a bed, and seductively stands in front of a window as the camera flashes. She showcases her slim figure as she tosses her long blonde hair around in the much anticipated video.

Fans were waiting for Gigi to make her Love appearance as her younger sister Bella Hadid started off the calendar on day one. They took to the magazine’s Instagram account to share their opinion’s on Gigi’s performance as they called her “gorgeous.”

“She just keeps getting more and more gorgeous and hot, the world’s most stunning woman.”

Other fans said Hadid’s video was the best one of the advent calendar this year. However, some comments pointed out that her video was similar to Hailey Baldwin’s day 21, in which she can be seen prancing around an apartment in a black bikini.

“So the same exact video as Hailey? Lame.”

Still, fans applauded Gigi’s video as they commented on her figure and performance.

“Gigi looks amazing. Best one yet!”

Gigi Hadid appears in Love magazine's advent calendar
[Image by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images]

While many of the commenters seem to have enjoyed seeing Hadid’s video, some pointed out that she’s lost weight since beginning her modeling career. Instagram users said Gigi looks unhealthy and is no Kim Kardashian as Love used the peach emoji to announce her day.

“I hate to discuss weight but she’s lost too much. I prefer her a bit curvier.”

However, fans were still pleased to see Gigi make the calendar as they stated they were waiting for her day.

“Waited for this one.”

Hadid’s video comes on the heels of fellow models such as Stella Maxwell, Doutzen Kroes, Sara Sampaio, and Taylor Hill. While the advent calendar is an anticipated holiday staple each year, it seems fans are slightly disappointed in this year’s themes. Some of the days have been a bit strange as sources such as Perez Hilton comment on the videos. Perez covered Ciara’s advent performance, calling it “weird.”

“…in Day 15 of Love‘s advent calendar, she is accompanied by animated unicorns and a cat playing the piano.”

However, it wasn’t just Ciara’s unicorn-filled video that rubbed fans the wrong way. Model Alexa Chung starred in an awkward day 17 as fans took to Instagram to show their disapproval.

“She looks like a chicken.”

Gigi Hadid appears in Love magazine's advent calendar
[Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

Kim Kardashian also starred in a strange day 12 as she walked along a background featuring the Northern Lights. While the public was excited to see Kim after her social media silence, not everyone was happy with her Love performance.

“Sooo stupid and she is very photoshoped i mean look at her legs lol.”

While fans critic previous days, it seems Gigi’s is being well received as sites continue to report on her shoot. Perez Hilton said Hadid looks trim and toned in the video as she prances around the New York apartment.

“The supermodel dances around a New York apartment in her skivvies, looking toned and trim and full of life!”

It seems Love impressed fans with Hadid’s video despite mixed reviews on previous days. Stay tuned to find out who stars in day 25 of the advent calendar!

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]