Another Duggar Talks Having Babies: What’s Stopping Her?

Jessa Duggar Seewald’s second baby is due in a few weeks, and Jill Duggar Dillard has announced her second pregnancy. Meanwhile, Jinger Duggar has recently wed Jeremy Vuolo and is expected to follow the family’s faith in having many babies. Most recently, the family has announced to their audience that Joy-Anna Duggar is courting — leading to suspicion that the 19-year-old will be making the next move toward marriage and motherhood before the next season of the family’s reality show comes to a close.

But there’s another Duggar woman who has been married for over a year and isn’t leaping into the schedule of baby-making in the style that fans have come to expect since Michelle Duggar made her 2004 television debut in Fourteen Kids And Pregnant Again. Cousin Amy Duggar King doesn’t quite follow the same religious views as her cousins, and when she married, viewers wondered how closely her married lifestyle would coincide with that of her uncle Jim Bob Duggar’s family.

Amy has been answering this question, in one form or another, to one degree or another, all along: tweeting about picking baby names, arguing very publicly with her husband over whether they want two babies or three, and explicitly telling Us Magazine that she’s in no hurry to have a baby (and that her Duggar cousins were shocked and sad to hear it!)

Now, though, Amy Duggar King is taking criticism, not from other Duggar women, but from the public, and not for failing to get pregnant on her honeymoon, but for how she’s going about the business of working on her marriage. Specifically, Amy and husband Dillon King will be appearing on an upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. It’s an interesting designation since Amy and Dillon have attempted to distance themselves from the Duggar fame.

With regard to Amy Duggar King and her plans for babies, however, a recent teaser for the reality show ay have given a hint. A release from WE TV describes the Duggar cousin’s appearance on the show.

“Duggar cousin, Amy and her husband Dillon’s seven-month marriage is already hanging on by a thread. Their constant fighting and communication issues might be keeping them from starting a family of their own. Will they stop making waves and start making babies?!”

Despite previous assertions from Amy Duggar King that she’s just not in a hurry and wants to enjoy herself first, this seems to suggest she was waiting to solidify her relationship — never a bad plan. However, since the entire premise of the show is that Duggar joined the cast to fix her relationship problems, it opens the obvious next question: did the pair overcome their differences during filming? And, as the teaser asks, did the Duggar cousin and her husband ‘stop making waves and start making babies?’

Though Amy Duggar King has expressed dissent with how a previous teaser for the show presented her (see below), she thus far seems to be okay with this promo, since she did retweet it.


Of course, pregnancy is the most popular speculation about any of the Duggar women, and Jill, Jessa, Anna Duggar, and even Michelle Duggar have been the subject of such rumors and guesses over the past months.

There’s been no official announcement that the Duggar cousin is pregnant — just Amy and the show promos dropping hints that babies could be in the near future. Hypothetically, if she is, and if Jinger Duggar landed the honeymoon pregnancy that Amy says her cousins hoped she herself would, there could be four young Duggar ladies pregnant at once — but don’t expect a special episode. Amy Duggar King and her husband have already responded to inquiries, declaring that they will not appear on the new iteration of the Duggar family’s long-running reality show.

[Featured Image by TLC/YouTube]