Walmart After-Christmas Sale 2016: Store Offering Deep Price Cuts On Electronics, Kitchen Items The Week After Christmas

Walmart won’t be missing a beat this holiday season, offering some big after-Christmas 2016 sales on things like electronics and toys to attract shoppers looking to cash in their gift cards.

With the holiday shopping season creeping earlier and earlier into the calendar, shoppers are understandably fatigued by the time Christmas finally arrives. But retailers are trying to counter that by offering more and more attractive after-Christmas sales, and in 2016 Walmart is one of the ones leading the way.

As the retail site BFreedom noted, Walmart’s after-Christmas sale for 2016 offers a mix of electronics and gift items like books and DVDs, along with the holiday decor they’re trying to move off the shelves as quickly as possible.

“HDTVs, laptops, tablets, cameras, and video game consoles will be among the biggest sellers (and discounters) at the Walmart 2017 After Christmas sale. You can also find great deals on Christmas decorations and decor, kitchen items, toys, clothes, books, DVDs, and a whole lot more. The end of year sale at Walmart is designed to get rid of as much inventory as possible, which is great for shoppers. You can already see After Christmas 2017 deals at, and there will be even more added each day until New Years.”

Shopping experts offer some tips for after-Christmas sales, including which items offer the best deals and which to avoid. Melissa Martin of told that retailers will be eager to clear the shelves of old clothes styles, so shoppers can expect big discounts there. Toys and electronics that didn’t end up selling well with Christmas shoppers will also be on sale, and noted that cameras have some of the best deals after Christmas.

There are some other areas to avoid for after-Christmas 2016 sales. The National Retail Federation warned that flat-screen televisions will actually see deeper price cuts around the end of January, just in time for people looking to upgrade for the Super Bowl. And luxury brands generally don’t have many great deals after Christmas.


Beyond its own after-Christmas 2016 sale, Walmart is also debuting a program aimed at bringing in even more revenue and give shoppers a chance to earn more savings. The retail giant offered a new feature for its existing savings account, the re-loadable MoneyCard offered on sale at Walmart locations.

As MarketWatch noted, the program looks to reward customers for filling more money into these cards.

Last week, Wal-Mart debuted a new feature for its existing savings accounts: for every dollar consumers save, they will be entered into a sweepstakes for cash prizes. The company hopes that with the promise of a prize, consumers will begin to put more money away instead of spending it. The number of entries is determined by the average amount of money in the account that month. Consumers can win one of 500 cash prizes every month; the grand prize is $1,000, and the other prizes are $25 each, according to Walmart. (The prizes are subject to tax.)

While the program to entice people into stocking their money may be a bit different than an after-Christmas sale aimed at getting them to spend money, Walmart has taken a bit more effort into earning goodwill both among shoppers and employees. This year the retailer announced that it would be closing at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve — two hours earlier than previous years — so employees can spend more time with their families on the holiday.

Those looking for more information on Walmart’s after-Christmas sale 2016 can find the store’s Savings Showcase by clicking here.

[Featured Image by Gunnar Rathbun/AP Images for Walmart]