William And Kate Won’t Join Palace’s ‘Timetabled’ Christmas Celebration To Allow Kids To Be ‘Normal’

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will take a step back from royal tradition in a bid to provide George and Charlotte a “normal” Christmas celebration. It is believed that William and Kate will join the Middletons’ quiet celebration in Bucklebury, Berkshire instead.

It is a tradition for the royal family to spend time at Sandringham. However, the plans might have changed especially with the Queen’s recent illness. Although the Palace issued a statement that she already made it to the private estate through a royal helicopter, Kate and William’s plans might remain unchanged. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s travel to Sandringham was delayed because of them acquiring heavy colds. The Queen’s annual Christmas speech was reportedly “recorded sometime in advance.”


As per a report by OK!, Kate’s siblings, Pippa and James, will be present at the Middletons’ celebration. An insider described Christmas with the Middletons as a “riotous” and “informal” affair where family members are required to wear holiday jumpers.

Parenting specialist Lisa Clegg told Mail Online that the royal couple made the right decision to step back from their duties and give George and Charlotte a simple celebration since Christmas at the Palace is believed to “run like a military operation” where everyone has to follow a stringent schedule.

“They are only little and need to be able to be children and get carried away with the excitement and fun of Christmas, without the world looking on them. William and Kate know that there will come a time when William has to take up his Royal duties of King and they won’t be able to have the privacy they are able to ask for now.”

It also came as a surprise that William and Kate did not send traditional Christmas cards this year. Royal supporters typically look forward to Christmas because of this cherished tradition but the Kensington Palace already confirmed the couple’s lack of Christmas card. Some speculate that it might be because of the family’s recent tour of Canada where they were already featured in several commemorative items.

William and Kate children
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To allow George and Charlotte feel the Christmas spirit, their mother prepared Santa sacks for them. The sacks, which were purchased from Selfridges in London, are to be placed on their beds on Christmas Eve. The “sender” is none other than Father Christmas from The North Pole.

While it is a fact that George and Charlotte will receive an abundance of gifts this Christmas, nothing beats sincere gestures from the heart. Charlotte was recently gifted by her security team a personalized “Day You Were Born” print which displayed details of her birth. Members of her security team all chipped in to buy the gift from designer Lucy Tapper. They similarly ordered one for George when he was born.

Kate and Charlotte Canada tour
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People recently reported that the siblings couldn’t keep their excitement for the holidays. William told radio host and Mix charity ambassador A.J. King that “the kids are really looking forward to Christmas and George is already ripping open his presents.” He further said that William and Kate are “looking forward to downtime and a chill with the family.”

A source told Woman’s Day that George and Charlotte are lucky to have parents who are not “standoffish.” William and Kate’s parenting style, the source claimed, has produced the “happiest royals in British history.”

“They’ve got everything any child could ever want and – unusually for the Windsors – they’ve got two parents who completely and utterly dote on them.”

Although George is reportedly the “cheekiest” in the family, his sister is the “chatty” one who’s fond of having play dates.

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