President Obama And First Lady Michelle Obama Track Santa, And Deliver Last White House Christmas Message

Huffington Post reported that President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have released their final White House Christmas message today. In their message, the President and the beloved Michelle Obama addressed the nation with a reminder about the values that America has come to know and love.

Today, the White House also retweeted the tracking information for Santa’s annual trip around the world. At the time of press, NORAD is tracking Santa, and NORAD Santa operators are standing by to remind all good little boys and girls when it’s time for bedtime, before the big guy arrives.


The White House is ready for the arrival of Santa, and has been fully decorated since November 29. In the Blue Room is the annual White House Christmas tree, as previously reported on by the Inquisitr. Here’s a peek at what it looks like today, from inside Cross Hall, just outside the White House Blue Room.

White House Christmas Message 2016
This year's White House Christmas Tree is seen inside the Blue Room from the Cross Hall of the White House during a preview of the 2015 holiday decor at the White House, Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016, in Washington. [Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]

As the White House has been transformed into a Winter Wonderland, full of gingerbread, snowflakes, and secrets and surprises everywhere, the President of the nation with his wife, the First Lady, addressed the nation for the holidays one last time.

In doing so, they reminded the country, and indeed the world, what values Americans should hold dear going into the new year, and indeed a new face of the country before the new president is sworn in. First Lady Michelle Obama said the following.

“The idea that we are our brother’s keeper and our sister’s keeper. That we should treat others as we would want to be treated. And that we care for the sick, feed the hungry, and welcome the stranger, no matter where they come from, or how they practice their faith.”

President Obama echoed the sentiment, noting that all faiths should be recognized not just during the holiday season, but that all Americans should be accepting of each other, every day, all year long. He used the word “values” as well.

“Those are values that help guide not just my family’s Christian faith, but that of Jewish Americans, and Muslim Americans; nonbelievers and Americans of all backgrounds. And no one better embodies that spirit of service than the men and women who wear our country’s uniform and their families.”

White House Last Christmas Message 2016
The Lower Cross Hall is decorated with "snowball" arches created from more than 6,000 ornaments and snowmen lining the corridor in the White House during a preview of the 2016 holiday decor, Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016, in Washington. [Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]

Michelle Obama took note of the military families serving the country during the holidays, and the sacrifices they have made for their families, and for the nation.

As always, many of our troops are far from home this time of year, and their families are serving and sacrificing right along with them. Their courage and dedication allow the rest of us to enjoy this season. That’s why we’ve tried to serve them as well as they’ve served this country.”

President Obama’s sense of humor came up during the message, with First Lady Michelle Obama being the first to note, not all of President Obama’s jokes were well received. He concurred, noting, a “few got a frosty reception.” Michelle Obama concluded with the following.

“So as we look forward to the New Year, let’s resolve to recommit ourselves to the values we share. And on behalf of the all the Obamas — Michelle, Malia, Sasha, Bo, and that troublemaker Sunny — Merry Christmas, everybody.”

The video also included some throwback clips from Christmases gone by with the Obama’s in the White House. Many find the final White House Christmas message from the Obamas this year a little sad, as they will be dearly missed. However it is unlikely that this is the last America will see of this beloved First family. Watch the full video right here.


Meanwhile, the halls of the White House are decked, with thousands of expressions of Christmas cheer, each expression holding its own unique tradition and meaning, in true White House style.


Many find the final Christmas message from the Obamas at the White House this year a little sad, as they will be dearly missed. However it is unlikely that this is the last America will see of this beloved First family. At the time of press, NORAD Santa tracker tells us Santa has already delivered over 2 billion presents, and is nearing New Delhi, India. NORAD Santa tracker updates are coming through live on Twitter, all day, and all night long.

[Feature Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]