WWE News: Update On The Status Of WWE Superstar Finn Balor Heading Into ‘WWE Royal Rumble’

WWE Superstar Finn Balor has been out for some time due to an injury, but we’ve all heard rumors about an early return and those reports very well could be half true and half false. Balor sustained a separated shoulder during his match with Seth Rollins at WWE SummerSlam. He would put it back into place during the match like the tough dude he is, and would finish it to win the inaugural WWE Universal Championship like was planned for him.

The next day the pain he had was so severe that he had to go get checked out at a local hospital. It was there that the WWE found out the horrible news that Balor managed to suffer a torn labrum. The hope was that he would be back before the end of 2016 because the average recovery time was around 4 to 6 months with Finn Balor being more than able to get better in the shorter time. Sadly, once they opened him up they had to fix other issues including a bicep issue which caused them to delay his recovery.

The plan then was for Finn Balor to be ready in time for WrestleMania 33 at that point. They even made sure he appeared in the promotional poster for the event so that people would know he would take part. Things have gone well for Finn Balor as well, as he managed to get ahead of recovery by around 3 to 4 weeks. This means that he could be back in action with WWE sooner than the predicted period of time. This led many to assume he might take part in the Royal Rumble match.

Balor shoulder injury
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Reports surfaced saying that there were some plans to have Finn Balor take part in the Rumble match like we all assumed he would, due to his great recovery. He’s already showing up without a sling everywhere and seems to be healing up great. That said, most believed the report. It was then that Balor started taking part in interviews when he was asked point blank about his role in WWE’s Royal Rumble match,

Balor has been telling people that he does not think he will be ready for it and that the plan, as previously mentioned, was to be back and ready to go for WrestleMania 33. He has repeatedly said this in various interviews, which may be due to the fact that he does not know if WWE will use him or not. It would be dumb to give away the surprise of his return in an interview anyway, so he has told people that he will not appear to cover everything right away.

If he is not going to be in the match, well, he already said he wasn’t going to be there, so no one can hate him for telling the truth. Then of course if he does return there, he would be smart to have lowered expectations to then return with a bang. Either way, Finn Balor is covered on both fronts. Truthfully, he cannot lose in telling you he won’t be there or doesn’t think he will be. Balor is known for his trolling anyway.

Finn Balor Paint on RAW
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Now it does seem that WWE does feel his use in the Rumble is unneeded. According to Cageside Seats, while there has been a lot of back and forth on using him, it is highly unlikely he takes part in the match. The report claims that WWE feels that they have enough star-power for the event. With both Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar in the match, combined with most of the WWE roster, the match itself looks to be star-studded.

Unless the plan is to have Finn Balor return to win the whole thing, it would be moronic to have him return on this night anyway. As of now, he may be able to return in the match due to his injury looking to be healed up relatively well. However, WWE will not put him in the match if there are no plans for him to be part of the WWE Universal Title picture at WrestleMania 33 or if they plan to have another person win.

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