Orlando Brown ‘Instagram Live’ Fight Video With Girlfriend Gets 293,000 Views On ‘Baller Alert’ [Graphic]

Orlando Brown formerly starred in the TV show That’s So Raven, with star Raven Symone. Now, the 29-year-old Orlando is making news because Brown can be seen in the following video with his girlfriend, as the duo argued on Instagram Live over some unknown topic. All that can be seen is Brown going into a sort of impromptu rap about his girlfriend not having a manager and screaming “It’s over!” several times. Then the screen goes almost dark as events can’t be seen, only heard, as it sounds like the two of them are physically fighting.

Warning: The below Instagram Live video of Orlando and his girlfriend’s fight contains footage that might be disturbing to some viewers.


The Instagram page of Baller Alert posted the Instagram Live video of Orlando’s altercation with his girlfriend, and that version alone has grown to 293,000 views and counting on Instagram. Thousands of comments have flowed into that same Baller Alert video about Brown’s altercation with his girlfriend.

As reported by BET, it isn’t the first time that Orlando has raised eyebrows due to his social media videos. On Instagram, the #orlandobrown hashtag contains nearly 9,000 posts, with some of the top posts harkening back to Brown’s days as a child star, while others show more nefarious content. One of those explicit Instagram videos includes the following one, which shows Brown claiming that he performed oral sex on Raven. Other videos show Brown singing to the belly of his pregnant girlfriend, and the content of the NSFW song has folks quipping that Orlando should be dubbed Father of the Year for 2017.

Warning: The following video contains explicit language — featuring Brown claiming he had oral sex with Raven — and might be disturbing to some viewers.

The latest video from Orlando reveals audio wherein Brown yells, “Quit beating on me,” but the video does not reveal who is actually beating on whom. Brown can also be heard saying that his phone should not be broken after the duo have screamed at one another with their faces very close together. Previously, Orlando’s girlfriend posted the following photos to social media, with bruises that she claims Brown caused when she was pregnant.

According to Google Trends, Orlando’s name received 20,000 searches on Saturday, December 24. The Brown being searched for in that instance likely is not the Orlando that’s a football player.


Overall, while some are laughing and making sport of Brown’s latest viral Instagram videos, others are writing that Orlando needs help. On his own Twitter page, titled “MR.BROWN CEO @MrOrlandobrown1,” Orlando has not posted any recent tweets. However, Brown’s profile deems him “a young living legend of this generation.” The Twitter profile also calls “Mr. Brown” the hardest working young man in show business, as well as the “CEO & FOUNDER of YOUNG STAR ENTERTAINMENT.”

As seen in the top photo above, “Kyle Orlando Brown” attended a press conference for the Disney Channel when That’s So Raven was a new TV series back on January 14, 2003, in Burbank, California. Now, more than 13 years later, Orlando seems to be trying to find his footing in a show business world that has transformed, with social media playing a big part in the lives of celebrities like Brown and Raven.

Some of the comments regarding Orlando’s latest video being published to Instagram can be read below.

frangettarobinson: “Sad sad sad to both of them, get some help.”

rubyred17: “I would so watch his show.”

misspacino: “That single a** heart that just floated by itself at the end — bruh I caaaaant. He is so lame for this s*** he’s doing he need some HELP.”

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