The Summer Season Heats Up On ‘Bering Sea Gold’

The gold miners return to see if this is the summer they will strike it big in the Bering Sea. A few will venture off to dredge in what could be some promising grounds, with Shawn Pomrenke returning to a location called the Bluff. According to The Futon Critic, Emily Reidel and Zeke Tenhoff will continue their alliance as they turn their attention to a place called Sledge Island. The island is a mysterious and deserted volcanic formation, and it is rumored to have piles of gold just waiting to be mined in the surrounding waters.


For Shawn Pomrenke, he has a lot of plans for his family’s mining empire. The family did well last season, and now Shawn is gambling their future on 10,000 acres of property that may hold over a quarter-billion dollars in gold. To secure the property, he needs a $3 million dollar down payment, and he is hoping that the Bluff will help him to finance that transaction. He needs the Bluff to pay out big, or the growing Pomrenke empire that he and his father have painstakingly built with a lot of hard work and a little luck could completely collapse around them.

For Emily and Zeke, they pulled in a little over $32,000 during the winter season of gold dredging. Last season they were able to put the volatile part of their relationship aside and discovered that listening to one another and doing a little compromising went a long way toward getting things done. For the summer season on Bering Sea Gold, they will have to travel 26 miles across the ocean on Emily’s dredge, The Eroica, to get to their destination. Once they arrive at Sledge Island, if they manage to get on good ground right away and if they can continue to work well together, they may find themselves on top of this season’s gold count.

RenewCancelTV shared that the Kelly’s will be returning to Bering Sea Gold as well, but right from the start they have problems. Obtaining access to good mining grounds proves difficult for the family and on this season of Bering Sea Gold, Kris has been promoted to captain so it falls to him to find a place to mine for gold. He hopes to have an operation that runs smoothly for a change by making sure that everything is in good working order. Last season on Bering Sea Gold, the Kelly’s barely made over $10,000, but perhaps with Kris at the helm he can turn things around for the family and finally make a substantial profit.


George Young is new to Bering Sea Gold, and he hopes to create his own gold-mining enterprise. A truck accident left him paralyzed from the waist down, but he hasn’t let that stop him. George is described as an avid outdoorsman, diver, sport shooter, skier, and adventurer. After sinking a lot of money into buying and outfitting his dredge for the summer, he needs to hit it big on this season of Bering Sea Gold in order to pay off his debts. Perhaps beginner’s luck will pay him a visit, but as the other miner’s can attest to, it is usually the hard work and long hours spent under the water that brings in the gold.

At this time, there is no information on whether Vernon Adkison or Derek McLarty will be returning to Bering Sea Gold. They both were at the top of the leader board in regard to gold totals during the winter season of Bering Sea Gold, so the odds are good that they will be back.

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