November 20, 2017
Julian Assange And Pamela Anderson Dating? Pam's Late-Night Visits Stir Rumors

Julian Assange and Pamela Anderson may have struck up an unlikely romance, with the former Playboy bunny paying a series of late night visits to the WikiLeaks founder.

The two were linked last year, when Anderson paid a visit to Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he has sought asylum since 2012. Anderson has publicly praised Assange's activism and the role of WikiLeaks in promoting transparency, but there now appears to be something deeper to their relationship.

In an interview published in the Hamilton Spectator, Pamela Anderson said that she and Julian Assange first met through a mutual friend and discussed ways to promote activism.

The two grew even closer from there, Pamela Anderson said.

"Since then I feel a genuine closeness to Julian. I have had more stimulating conversation with this man than all my ex-husbands and lovers combined," she said. "Our intentions were not to become romantic, but to join forces. The rumors are flattering. I think I might have what it takes to be an effective First Lady. If I had to choose a World Leader to stand beside and support whole heartedly it would be Julian Assange."

But in saying that she did not intend to become romantic with Julian Assange, Pamela Anderson sparked speculation that the relationship may have turned that way on its own. Anderson got the rumor mill churning even more when she paid another late-night visit to Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy, the Sun noted.

As the report added, Pamela Anderson appeared to be dressed for a date when she visited Julian Assange, and had previously made another curious visit.

"Wearing a camel coat and knee-high boots, Pamela looked excited as she hurried to the grand building's front door," the report noted. "She's a regular visitor to Julian, and the other week was pictured leaving there after an hour meeting looking rather disheveled and flustered."

It's not clear how often the two are sharing late-night visits, but Pamela Anderson hinted that the two are together quite frequently.

"We started seeing each other every month, and now we see each other a lot more regularly," she told the Spectator.

Julian Assange And Pamela Anderson Dating? Pam's Late-Night Visits Stir Rumors
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Julian Assange has always been a controversial figure, but became even more so during the 2016 presidential election. WikiLeaks published a series of politically damaging emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign chief, John Podesta, and from the Democratic National Committee. The organization also appeared to promote a series of conspiracy theories against Clinton, including one that a young DNC staffer, Seth Rich, may have been murdered for leaking information.

In the months that followed the election, U.S. intelligence agencies found that the information leaked by WikiLeaks had been acquired by Russian intelligence officials for the purpose of harming Clinton and helping Donald Trump win the election.

But Julian Assange has a strong backer in Pamela Anderson, who has been advocating for him to be allowed to go free. Assange has remained in the Ecuadorian Embassy after a sexual assault investigation in Sweden, and Anderson blasted Assange's native Australia for not offering more protection.

"Australians must not forget," Anderson wrote. "They have a fellow citizen trapped in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London who has not been able to go outside, feel the sunshine, hug his children or see his mother for four and a half years. He has been detained for 6 years.

"The Julian Assange Case is incredibly complex. Australia has failed to exercise diplomatic protection over Julian, an Australian Citizen, refusing him the most basic assistance."

Pamela Anderson continued to gush over Julian Assange, saying he was "one of the most important people in the world" and praising the importance of his work. In her post, Anderson said Assange is "passionate about what he does and he's brilliant, so stay tuned."

Despite the rumors, neither Julian Assange, nor Pamela Anderson have confirmed whether they are dating.

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