WWE News: Vader Says Diamond Dallas Page Will Help Him With Health Problems

WWE legend Vader shocked the wrestling world in November when he told fans that he was dying and wouldn't live longer than two years. Vader said that he was dying due to heart complications, but there might be some hope for him. Vader appeared on Hannibal TV and said that he is going to get help from Diamond Dallas Page to lose weight.

In the interview, Vader talked about a recent auto accident he was in, the serious heart problems he is encountering, and the news about Diamond Dallas Page. Vader said he will meet up with Page on Jan. 2, 2017, and said that Page will help him lose 100 pounds to relieve stress on his heart.

Vader originally made the announcement that he is dying on Twitter. In the tweet, Vader said that doctors told him that he has congestive heart failure and only has two years left to live. He said the doctors told him his heart is worn out from years of football and wrestling.

Vader said that he is starting to accept this reality. However, one of the things about Diamond Dallas Page and DDP Yoga is that the system can really help Vader to take more pressure off his heart. It may not save his life, but it will make things better for him in the meantime.

Vader is 61-years-old and has not only put in years of work in the wrestling ring, including the WWE, but his excess weight has not helped him along the way. One of the reasons that Vader never reached the same success in the WWE as he did before arriving there is because his weight started to balloon.

The WWE was about to lose a superstar in Yokozuna a few years later, and released him when his weight ballooned out of control as well. Yokozuna was only 34 when he died.

When it comes to Vader, he actually worked on losing weight a few years back. In 2014, Vader posted a photo of himself on Twitter and said that he had dropped 60 pounds from 405 pounds.

However, that still put Vader at 345 pounds a little before his 60th birthday. While DDP Yoga has been responsible for saving the lives of Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Scott Hall from their alcohol and drug addictions, there is also another big reason for Vader to set out on the journey.

Before starting DDP Yoga, Chris Jericho said he was in pain all the time. However, thanks to DDP Yoga, Jericho said that he feels much less pain compared to how he was. Goldust started using DDP Yoga and started pulling off moves he couldn't come close to executing before he started it.

Most recently, Mick Foley helped put DDP Yoga and Diamond Dallas Page back into the spotlight. Last week, Mick Foley posted on Twitter that he had lost 100 pounds since he started DDP Yoga. When Foley started, he was close to where Vader said he was at two years ago.


DDP Yoga is not just about yoga stretches and exercises. It is also a huge lifestyle change that alters what a person eats and how they live their lives. While losing the weight would help Vader, the lifestyle change could save his life.

[Featured Image by WWE]