August 6, 2017
Brad Pitt And Kate Hudson Romance Not Encouraged By Goldie Hawn [Debunked]

It seems that since Angelina Jolie announced she was filing for divorce from Brad Pitt back in September, the Allied star has been the subject of fabricated matchmaking rumors.

Even prior to the announcement there were claims that Pitt was engaged in various affairs including one with his co-star Marion Cotillard. The actress herself was quick to put such claims to rest noting that they were simply untrue. Following the split and the conclusion of the FBI investigation launched against Brad, based on allegations of an intoxicated incident on a private jet, attention has turned to Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson.

Kate Hudson was quickly drawn into the divorce drama due to a claim that she and Pitt had sparked a romance despite a difficult custody battle for the estranged couple's six children that the actor was likely quite focused on. Since this point, the rumors have been stamped out as false, yet a specific tabloid is keeping the tale alive by bringing Kate's mother, actress Goldie Hawn into the mix of things.

Gossip Cop relays the claim by Life & Style stating that Hawn is encouraging her daughter to strike up a relationship with Brad Pitt.
"There have been many recent tabloid reports falsely claiming Hudson and Pitt are in a relationship, but that's not the case. Now, Life & Style acknowledges the two aren't dating, but claims Hawn wants them to hook up. A so-called 'source' tells the magazine, 'Kate's mom swears that Kate and Brad would make an amazing couple. Goldie has met Brad and is a big fan of his.'"
The supposed insider goes on to allege that Hawn is being a bit of a meddler and trying to play matchmaker between Kate and Brad, despite the rumor that the two have any involvement having already been put to rest. The source insists that "[Goldie] knows Brad and Kate would totally get along. She's ready to play Cupid."

However, GC has gotten to the bottom of this new ludicrous claim and has of course discovered that Hawn is not involving herself in the romantic life of her daughter in any way and certainly is not attempting to push Kate and Brad into a relationship. The reliable source exclusively shares that the story is pure fabrication.

It is a mystery as to why Kate Hudson and Brad Pitt became the subject of a false romance claim seeing as source's close to Kate share that the beauty has not seen Brad Pitt in years, as GC reminds.

When the story first made headlines that Pitt and Hudson were engaging in an affair, and were considering moving in together, Hudson and Hawn did not respond to allegations, yet Kate's older brother, actor Oliver Hudson was quick to come up with a hilarious anecdote that was almost as outrageous as the fabrication itself.. Kate's brother took to social media where he described the fabricated horror that has come with Brad Pitt being a part of his sister's life, and by relation, his as well.

The Toronto Sun shared Oliver's hilarious response to the rumors about his sister and Pitt moving in together.
"Yeah and it's been hell!! He's messy as s**t! He drinks out of the f---ing carton and leaves the door open when he's taking a dump!! And this is when he's at MY house!!! He's already calling me brother and has driven a wedge between myself and my real brother Wyatt who now won't speak to me... he insists my kids call him uncle B and lost my youngest at the Santa Monica pier for 2 days... thank God for Amber Alert..."
[Featured Image by Amy Graves/Getty Images for Baby2Baby]