Obama Predicts Internal Republican Party War If He Is Reelected

President Barack Obama theorized in an interview with Morning Joe, that if he is reelected that there will be an internal war within the Republican Party. He suggested that if that happens he will be able to work with both parties to pass legislation that will help the American people.

Obama said in the pre-taped interview:

“There are a whole range of issues I think where we can actually bring the country together with a non-ideological agenda. The question’s going to be, how do Republicans react post-election? Because there’s going to be a war going on inside that party. It just hasn’t broken up. It’s been unified in opposition to me.”

Obama has often blamed Republicans for the slow pace of the economic recovery. He has said that it is because of their hatred of him that the block important legislation just to make him look bad. Obama further argued that issues which had historically always been bipartisan are not polarizing ideological ones. Republicans have often countered saying President Obama is unwilling to compromise.

Obama was asked what he would do differently in a second term if the Congress remained in Republican hands. President Obama answered that he believed he would work with Republicans and Democrats to tackle the deficit and our national debt.

Obama said:

“I truly believe that if we can get the deficit and debt issues solved, which I believe we can get done in the lame-duck or in the immediate aftermath of the lame-duck, then that clears away a lot of the ideological underbrush. And then now we can start looking at a whole bunch of other issues that, as I said, historically have not been that ideological.”

Obama has also said he is preparing for the day, after his reelection, where Congress becomes unable to be worked with. He said he is telling his staff to assemble various options which will allow him to get around Congress and pass laws administratively. This willingness to avoid the will of Congress has always been controversial.


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), said that for the Republicans in Congress to work with the President that Obama would need to have an epiphany.

McConnell said:

“The question for him is, ‘Do I go to the middle and meet these guys halfway, like Reagan and Clinton did, or do I just double down on the left and we throw things at each other for four years?”

McConnell has previously said that ensuring that President Obama is a one term President is the highest priority tin Congress.