March 11, 2017
Christopher Perrien: Ex-Con Murdered Terri And Michael Greene In Delta Township

If last week's Murder Comes To Town was interesting, this week's show, based on Christopher Perrien and the couple he murdered in a Delta Township home six years ago, will be even more compelling. Authorities say the murder of Terri and Michael Greene was a senseless killing that never needed to happen. Christopher Perrien, an ex-convict, was on work release at the time of the slayings. Today, he is in prison for the crime. On Investigation Discovery's Murder Comes To Town, episode titled "Open Door Policy," family, friends, and law enforcement will narrate the story.

Christopher Allen Perrien Killed Elderly Man And His Wife In Delta Township

According to Murder Comes To Town, in September, 2011, police received a frantic 911 call from a man who found his daughter and son-in-law dead in their Eaton Highway home. When detectives arrived, they saw 62-year-old Michael Green dead in the living room and 46-year-old Terri Greene dead outside in the family pond, an Eaton County sheriff's office press released confirmed.

Family members went to the home to check on Terri Greene after she failed to show up to an appointment with them. She also failed to answer her phone. The couple grew immediately concerned after another man picked up Michael Green's phone and tried to convince them that Terri was out shopping, according to MLive, which described the finding of the body like this.

"Eugene Post found Michael Greene dead on the floor, his head surrounded by a pool of blood. He reached down and touched Greene's face. He felt cold. Ruby came inside, determined Greene was dead and called 911. Dispatchers advised the pair leave the house immediately. Then Post ventured down a hill on the Greene's property toward a pond. He testified he saw what appeared to be a blue rug near the edge of the water. As he moved closer, he recognized the blue rug as a carpet the Greenes used to move things. Just near the edge of the pond, he saw an overturned wheel barrel beneath the rug. Then he saw an arm and some hair flowing out from beneath the wheel barrel, which he said knew was his daughter, Terri Greene."
Married since 2008, both victims had been shot to death, a coroner's report later confirmed.

Open Door Policy Neighbors Found Dead, Killed By Work Release Program Inmate

News of the crime hit the community hard. Michael Greene was a retired detective. The Greenes were a beloved couple who had an open door policy for friends, family, and acquaintances. Never locking their doors, one couldn't find anyone more friendly and more welcoming than the Delta Township pair.

But detectives say that open door policy is exactly what may have led to their deaths. When relatives arrived at the crime scene, the front door was locked, which they knew was unusual. However, around the back, they were able to gain entry.

Eaton County law enforcement investigators believe the couple was targeted for a robbery. Cell phone records and a GPS tracker have been credited for leading police straight to the killer, Christopher Allen Perrien, a 38-year-old ex-convict, who was registered in the work release program.

The only problem was that Perrien wasn't working. He had duped the Michigan Corrections Department's Work Release Program supervisors into thinking that he had a job. This led to heavy criticism from residents and Terri Green and Michael Greene's families, who say that Perrien should never have been a candidate for that program, and that the department should have confirmed employment.

Perrien had a criminal record that stretched back two decades. But his record did not include violent offenses. Christopher Perrien was charged with the Greene's deaths and was eventually sentenced to life in prison.

In an eerie twist, Christopher Perrien was looked at as a suspect, in the beginning, in the death of Michael and Kathy Green, another elderly couple who was killed in their Big Whitefish Lake home, the year before. In the end, it didn't appear that Chris Perrien was involved in that case, according to Fox 17.

Watch Terri Greene and Michael Greene's story as it is told tonight on Murder Comes To Town. It airs on the Investigation Discovery channel. Check your local listings for times. Did you see the Murder Comes To Town episode last week? That one was about Ralph Candelario, a Jehovah's Witness, who murdered his wife.

The video below is chilling. Christopher Perrien shows absolutely no remorse. For him, it is business as usual.

[Featured Image by Michigan Dept. Of Corrections]