Christmas Eve Traditions: 10 Magical Ways To Make It Special For Your Family

Adults around the world have grown up following Christmas Eve traditions. That is one thing they would like to pass on to their kids and family. While there are more conventional ways to do so, there are modern steps to make it special. Here are 10 magical ways to make Christmas extra special for your family.

Go For Games

It can be painful for children to wait for Santa Claus. The more eager a child is to expect gifts from the old man, the more torturous it becomes for them. Probably, the best way to engage children is by playing games with them. Board games like Clue and Monopoly can be fun for the family. You can also play charades to keep energetic children busy.

Runway For Santa Claus

Santa is the busiest person on Christmas Eve. Technically speaking, the old man has to visit 5,556 homes every second to keep children happy for one more year. That is why it is important to make sure he does not miss your house. According to Christmas Eve traditions, you can make a runway for him. Lanterns can be strategically placed to make it look magical.

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Guide The Reindeer

Christmas is not only about Santa. It’s about the reindeer as well. You can prepare reindeer dust with 2 cups of oats and 1/2 cup glitter. You can choose one specific color or multiple colors. It takes seconds to prepare this. Get the children sprinkle it outside to guide the reindeer to your house.

Key For Santa

Not everyone has a traditional chimney at home these days. Let’s not make things difficult for Santa. As a part of Christmas Eve traditions, you can leave a key outside so that he can easily come in. You may ask children to decorate it with glitter to give it a magical effect.

Watch A Movie At Home

This is a modern addition to Christmas Eve traditions. Get a DVD of a Christmas movie. You can choose from classics like It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, or maybe Home Alone. Let the children choose what they want to watch. With popcorn in hand, the evening is going to be dramatic.

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Jingle All The Way

When Santa arrives, there will be jingle bells. You can make sure the children hear the bells. When they go to bed and lights go off, get an old bell from the basement and jingle it mildly outside the house. There is every possibility that the children will hear it. In the morning, when they get the gifts, they will know it came from Father Christmas.

Santa Claus’ Letter

While children will be waiting for gifts from Santa, there can be an added attraction: a handwritten note from him. Prepare this on Christmas Eve, and make sure the children don’t catch you while writing. If you think they are familiar with your handwriting, you may ask a friend do this for you. A little note about the good things the children did this year will make their Christmas morning magical.

Don’t Forget The Stockings

If you diligently follow Christmas Eve traditions, you can’t miss this one. Children will expect gifts from Santa. It will be more special for them when they have it inside stockings, as per customs. Do not forget to hang the stockings before the children go to bed. The anticipation will be more exciting.

Christmas Eve Traditions
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Christmas Carols

This is one of the most traditional ways to spend Christmas Eve. It is easy to download classics from the internet so that children can practice it in advance. The evening can get magical with the entire family singing Christmas carols.

Track Santa Claus

This must be the most recent addition to Christmas Eve traditions. Now, you can track Santa online. Children will be excited to see when he leaves his village and reaches your town. You can use this online Santa Tracker to catch him live.

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