Shanna Vandewege Murder: Texas Mom And 3-Month-Old Son Found With Throats Slit, Husband Arrested For Capital Murder [Video]

On December 15, 36-year-old Texas mother Shanna Vandewege and her 3-month-old son became murder victims. They were allegedly “found” dead in their Fort Worth beds, throats slit, by Craig Vandewege, husband to Shanna and father to little Diedrick, who called police to report the crime. Craig Vandewege had reportedly just gotten home from his job at Costco when he made the horrifying discovery. The shocking murder of Shanna and her son rocked the family’s safe and quiet neighborhood.

Particularly because, initially, police didn’t name or rule out a suspect in the murder of Shanna Vandewege.


As such, neighbors reported locking their doors and keeping closer eyes on their children as they watched the yellow crime scene tape go up at the Vandewege home, which was reportedly near a school bus stop.

“On Friday I called them en route, and I was like, lock the doors, turn on the alarm, and don’t answer the doors at all. It’s very scary.”

Initially, police said that Shanna Vandewege’s husband and the father of her slain infant was cooperating with investigators. He was reportedly interviewed by investigators on the night of the murders. Even so, Fort Worth police did not rule 35-year-old Mr. Vandewege out as a potential suspect in the unthinkable crimes.

“At this time we have ruled no one out as a potential suspect. Also, we are not specifically looking at any one person as a suspect at this time.”

Craig Vandewege was interviewed by murder investigators again on Monday in connection with the deaths of Shanna and the pair’s son, a child that they had reportedly been trying to add to their family for years. During that police interview, Craig reportedly clammed up. He allegedly cut the questioning short and told police that he needed to speak to his attorney before he continued participating in the murder investigation. The reaction of law enforcement was swift and blatantly condemned the decision of Shanna Vandewege’s husband to stop aiding the murder investigation.

“It’s standard and it’s normal for us to try to exclude people close before we can move on and look elsewhere. It stalls our investigation if there’s somebody that close that says flat out, ‘No, I’m not going to do it. Anyone we can’t eliminate is obviously suspect until we can eliminate them. This extremely hinders our ability to move ahead and definitely hinders our ability to eliminate him.”


Fast forward to Wednesday night. It was then that Glenwood Springs, Colorado, police got a disturbing 911 call. The caller, reports Dallas News, said that a man had borrowed his cell phone and was “acting suspiciously.” The phone borrower? Reportedly the husband of murder victim Shanna Vandewege. The man who called police told authorities that Vandewege had “talked about a murder” while using his phone. According to the caller, Vandewege had been driving a white Hyundai without front plates. A short time later, he was picked up by Glenwood Springs police for speeding and having no proof of insurance.

Craig Vandewege would go on to tell police that he was in Colorado to bury his wife and son, who had been murdered last week. Prior to living in Fort Worth, Shanna Vandewege and her husband had lived in Colorado, and her family still lives in the state. She and her son will be laid to rest there.

“It’s been a long week, my wife and kid were murdered in Texas.”

[Photo by Fort Worth Police Department]

Mr. Vandewege reportedly talked murder while using the borrowed phone, something that disturbed the phone’s owner and caused him to call 911. When he borrowed the phone, he identified himself as “Craig Allen.”

Police claim that the husband of murder victim Shanna Vandewege called his parents, telling them that three people had been arrested in connection with the murder of his wife and young child.

“He said he was being blamed for their deaths and was on his way to Colorado to bury his wife and child.”


Craig Vandewege was booked into jail on the speeding and insurance charges late Wednesday night. He bonded out on Thursday afternoon, but was re-arrested on a capital murder warrant out of Texas before he could leave the Colorado jail. Reportedly, that warrant was obtained by Fort Worth police just prior to Vandewege being rearrested.

“He didn’t get out the door before he was back in custody.”

As WFFA 8 reports, the husband of murder victim Shanna Vandewege reportedly spoke of murdering his wife before Shanna and her son were found dead. Allegedly, Craig Vandewege made the comments to a co-worker, comments that included dreaming that he’d “sliced the heads of his wife and father like bologna,” and saying that he could easily kill the then-pregnant Shanna by pushing her down the stairs.

According to the co-worker, Vandewege claimed to be taking a “new medication” that caused him to hear voices telling him to kill. Apparently, Mr. Vandewege told the co-worker about his disturbing dream just days before Shanna and her son were found with their throats slit.

When Craig Vandewege was taken into custody in Colorado, he was reportedly armed with two guns on his person. He is said to have had the proper permits for those weapons. He was also found with a substantial amount of ammo, empty gas cans, camouflage clothing, “numerous” bottles of medication, and his wedding ring and two condoms in his pocket.

According to arresting officers, he spoke repeatedly of his murder victim wife, Shanna Vandewege, and their deceased child “without emotion.”

He also reportedly told at least one witness that the murder charges he is facing are a government conspiracy.

“Craig Vandewege said he was headed to Las Vegas to see Donald Trump to work it out with him.”

Fort Worth police reportedly executed a search warrant at the home of Shanna Vandewege on Wednesday in connection with their murder investigation, but the findings of that search have not been made public.

[Featured Image by Glenwood Police Department]