Carrie Fisher Health Scare: Star Wars Heroine Suffers Full Cardiac Arrest [Updated]

Star Wars heroine and best selling author Carrie Fisher suffered a serious heart attack aboard a plane bound for Los Angeles earlier today. Variety magazine confirmed the news on Twitter about an hour ago. The Inquisitr will keep readers informed about this Carrie Fisher health scare as more information becomes available.


Fisher, who is 60 years old, was flying from London to Los Angeles aboard a United Airlines flight when she went into full cardiac arrest a short time before landing at LAX this afternoon. United Airlines released the following statement earlier today:

“Medical personnel met United flight 935 from London to Los Angeles upon arrival today after the crew reported that a passenger was unresponsive. Our thoughts are with our customer at this time and any requests for additional information should be directed to local authorities.”

The American Film Institute and countless others are currently tweeting best wishes for Carrie Fisher’s health.


Fisher’s been touring to promote her most recent book, The Princess Diarist. Prior to this memoir, Fisher penned Wishful Drinking, Surrender The Pink, Delusions of Grandma, The Best Awful and several other well received novels. The Princess Diarist is Fisher’s first autobiography.

Just a few weeks ago, Carrie spoke with Guardian reporter Simon Hattenstone in London. Hattenstone noted that Fisher was unable to attend a scheduled in-person interview due a severe case of bronchitis. Via telephone, Fisher revealed her reason for writing an unfictionalized account of her life thus far. It wasn’t for the money. She said that writing The Princess Diarist was an exercise in passion and bravery.

“Oh, it wasn’t that much money. I had a pre-established deal, so it wasn’t like they said, ‘We’ll pay you a million dollars to tell some secret thing.’ I was just wondering if I’d have the nerve to do it.”

Indeed she did. Fisher was a teenager during the filming of Star Wars, and she kept private journals. When the then 19 year old, who was far more innocent than she let on, fell hard for one of her costars, she kept extensive personal notes. In The Princess Diarist, Fisher courageously confessed that the rumors regarding Harrison Ford are true. At the time of their brief affair, Ford was 14 years older than Fisher and married.

Fisher told the Guardian that she’d hidden the diaries in a box beneath the floorboards of her house some forty years ago and only rediscovered them during a recent renovation project.

“I hadn’t seen them in 40 years. After all this time, I had genuinely forgotten they existed. And I thought they were this incredible archaeological find.”

Last December, Fisher told Rolling Stone magazine about finding her old diaries and how she pondered long and hard before exposing her youthful past to anyone.

“Either I do it or I burn them now and no one does it, ’cause I don’t wanna leave them for someone else to interpret, God forbid. I actually said to Harrison that I’m gonna put out a book based on the diaries, and he went, “Lawyer!” But I’m not the type of person that says, “My goal is to write something that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Go!”

Carrie Fisher’s first novel, the critically acclaimed Postcards From the Edge, was based on her own life story. On the whole, the book was fiction, but her shameless accounting of a drug overdose and subsequent treatment for addiction rang a bell for a lot of readers and catapulted Fisher from movie stardom to best-selling author.

Fisher’s brother tweeted that his sister is in stable condition just a few minutes ago.


Inquisitr News will keep readers posted as new information about Carrie Fisher becomes available.