‘The Legend Of The Blue Sea’ Episode 12 Recap & News: Tsingtao Beer Uses Korean Drama In Promo Ad [Spoilers]

Riding on the popularity of Lee Min Ho’s The Legend of the Blue Sea, Tsingtao made a beer ad featuring the K-drama. The promotional ad posted on the company’s Facebook page shows a man who seems to be lying unconscious by the sea, and a mermaid trying to coax him back to wakefulness. The hilarious ad obviously reflects Disney’s Little Mermaid animation, but the caption reveals that it was actually Heo Joon-jae and Sim Cheong from LOTBS.

Tsingtao is China’s second largest brewery, with branches across Asia. The promotional ad was uploaded by Tsingtao Korea on its Facebook account. Ironically, the reference to Disney’s Little Mermaid might remind people of the plagiarism controversy that has hounded The Legend of the Blue Sea since the first time it aired.

Meanwhile, Episode 12 took an interesting turn when more parallel events started unfolding between Kim Dam Ryeong and Joon-jae. In the past, Dam Ryeong was ordered to be exiled to Gyeongsang province by the king. He was accused of being entranced by a witch and that meant he could not perform his duties well. This is of course a lie concocted by the sneaky Mr. Yang.

In the present time, Joon-jae was apprehended for impersonating a police officer in the past. Instead of starting a scene, Joon-jae willingly surrendered but was immediately worried for Cheong, whom he left behind in the town square. It just so happened that the couple of police officers who were escorting him were really after the criminal Ma Dae-young. This set off warning bells in Joon-jae’s mind, knowing that Dae-young was really after him. With Cheong by herself, she might be in trouble with the criminal on the loose.

Joon-jae’s suspicions came true when he was finally allowed to call Cheong. Fortunately, she was able to provide enough information about her whereabouts before Dae-young knocked her out with some kind of tranquilizer. Turns out that the criminal’s weird dreams have been hounding him, and he realized that the mermaid in his dream was actually Cheong. Dae-young kidnapped her in order to prove that she was a mermaid.

Fortunately, before the worst could even happen, Joon-jae and the police were able to find her. But the sneaky Dae-young was able to escape. With this, Joon-jae promised to cooperate with the police in order to catch him.

Meanwhile, with Joon-jae’s discovery of Cheong’s mermaid voice, he’s now able to hear all her thoughts. And there’s no worse time for this to happen than when a female brain goes on overdrive — aka overthinking. Cheong is at that phase when she’s not sure about what’s really going on behind Joon-jae’s actions.

“What does it mean to move a ‘yearly deposit home’ together? Does it mean let’s get married? No, that’s not it. It didn’t seem like he was saying let’s get married. He told me that I have to move all the stuff. Did he perhaps need me so I could move all the furniture? Does he mean he’ll marry someone else and expect me to move the furniture? But then…why did he touch my hair?”

These are just some of the random thoughts running through a very busy mermaid’s mind. It was cute at first, of course. Or so Joon-jae thought. Cheong kept doing it all night long. With Joon-jae privy to her thoughts, the consequence is consecutive sleepless nights, since Cheong seemed to like doing all her overthinking in the middle of the night.

The Legend of the Blue Sea's Sim Cheon kept Heo Joon Jae up all night because her overthinking went on overdrive
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The Legend of the Blue Sea dropped a spot in its last episode. Based on TNS Media Korea, Episode 12 finished fourth at 16.3 percent in the nationwide ratings. Meanwhile, the K-Drama scored 18 percent in Seoul, to land on the second spot.

Episode 13 airs on December 28 on SBS.

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