Chicago White Sox And Pittsburgh Pirates Talk Jose Quintana Trade, New York Yankees Also Involved

Chicago White Sox hurler Jose Quintana could be on his way to Pittsburgh as a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates. The White Sox are reportedly entertaining an aggressive offer, courtesy of ESPN, from the Pirates. Quintana is also drawing some interest from the New York Yankees. All signs point to a deal taking place soon. And there are rumblings that both the Pirates and Yankees could be in on a deal.

If something does happen, Quintana would be the third White Sox player traded off the team in less than a month. That is major progress for a team that is looking at what could be a lengthy rebuilding process.

CSN Chicago confirmed just days ago that the New York Yankees have expressed interest in Quintana.

A precondition for any team who wants to make a trade with the Chicago White Sox is that they must be rich with prospects. The Yankees have four of the top 22 MLB prospects. Each of them has piqued interests of the White Sox. Another team that has a lot of highly-regarded prospects in their minor league system are the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The Pirates have two of the top 10 best prospects. How willing they are to part ways with them will determine what happens. As it currently stands, the White Sox want anywhere between three and four top-level prospects for Jose Quintana.

Whoever acquires Jose Quintana from the Chicago White Sox will get a pitcher with four years of contract control remaining. And at a very reasonable amount. Quintana has been one of the best pitchers in the American League for the past five seasons. His even win-loss record of 46-46 may not reflect that, but his ERA and WHIP would suggest differently.

What the White Sox did when they signed Jose Quintana to a five-year, $26.5 million extension two years ago was give themselves some salary flexibility. That flexibility will eventually pay off and turn into some good young players. There is a plot twist in the Jose Quintana trade talks.

It is unlikely that the New York Yankees want to give up all of their top prospects to the Chicago White Sox. What is likely is that the Yankees would part ways with two of their top 22 young players.

If the Pirates are willing to give up their top two prospects, it will not be enough to convince the White Sox to trade Jose Quintana. But there has been some late developments taking place.

The late news coming out regarding the Chicago White Sox trading Jose Quintana is the deal could be a three-team trade, according to Sports Mockery.

The complicated trade would include both the Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Yankees. In the deal, the Pirates would receive Jose Quintana from the White Sox, while sending MLB All-Star outfielder Andrew McCutchen to the Yankees. Both the Pirates and Yankees would ship out prospects to the White Sox.

It is a trade which works for each team involved. The Pirates get a cost-friendly pitcher in Jose Quintana. Quintana fits the Pirates rotation to a tee. He would immediately be slotted in the No. 2 or No. 3 spot. Plus, his addition would put the Pirates on pace for playoff contention.

Andrew McCutchen going to the Yankees allows the team to keep pace with the Boston Red Sox. The Yankees offense struggled at times. Getting a perennial MVP candidate helps a out a ton.

That would leave the Chicago White Sox. Trading Jose Quintana and getting three of the top 40 MLB prospects would constitute as a great haul. It would signal that the White Sox plans of rebuilding has worked out to perfection.

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