Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Together For New Year, Harry Leaves On Boxing Day And Misses Prince Philip’s Shoot

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will get to be together again for the New Year’s Eve celebrations, and according to the Mirror, Harry isn’t waiting a moment longer than absolutely necessary to rejoin his girlfriend. E! News reports that the prince said a sad goodbye to Markle on December 18, when he “personally escorted” Markle to London’s Heathrow Airport for her flight back to Toronto.

Prince Harry was sad after saying goodbye to Meghan Markle
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A week later, Harry will hurry back to the airport to jet off to Canada and rejoin Meghan. Harry and Markle couldn’t spend Christmas together because the prince has to attend Queen Elizabeth’s royal family gathering at Sandringham along with the rest of the royals. It’s a very formal event for the immediate family, and Harry and Meghan are too new in their relationship for Markle to be invited.

There is a notable absence on the guest list this year: Prince William, Kate Middleton, and their two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, are breaking with tradition and celebrating Christmas with the Middletons instead of with the royal relatives. The Sandringham Christmas is something of a royal command from the Queen, and it’s very unusual for any of the close family to skip out, but this year, traditions are changing.

Prince Charles, Harry, William and Kate Middleton at formal royal event
Prince Charles, Harry, William and Kate Middleton at formal royal event [Image by Tim Ireland / AP Images]

Normally, Prince Harry, Prince William, Middleton, and the little ones would head to Sandringham on Christmas Eve at the latest, and they would stay until at least after Boxing Day. Prince Philip hosts a shooting party the day after Christmas, and all royal princes are expected to attend.

But it looks like Kate and William’s defection this holiday has opened up some choice for the rest of the royals. A source close to Prince Harry suggested that the Queen gave permission for Harry to leave early because Kate and William were also enjoying some freedom.

“Normally he’d be with the rest of the family, but seeing as William is at the Middletons’ for Christmas it looks like he’s being allowed to break with tradition.”

Harry and Meghan have been heating up their romance for the last few weeks as things become more and more serious between the prince and the Suits actress. At first, it appeared that Harry wouldn’t be able to see Meghan again until New Year’s, but now the waiting period has become much more bearable for the couple.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be together on Boxing Day
Meghan Markle in Christmas red [Image by Jordan Strauss/Invision/ AP Images]

After being “separated by thousands of miles” since the Sunday before Christmas, Harry and Markle will be back together on Boxing Day, several days sooner than originally planned. Prince Harry, 32, will “hop on a plane” to see Meghan, 35, as soon as the traditional Christmas Day festivities are over at Sandringham. Let’s hope there isn’t a snowstorm that stops the prince’s flight from leaving!

The royal insider said that the Queen understands “how much they’re missing each other” and is supportive of Harry’s relationship with Markle. Her Majesty reportedly doesn’t mind that Prince Harry is leaving so quickly even though it’s got to be tough for Prince Philip to spend Boxing Day without either Prince William or Prince Harry.


“Harry is desperate to be with her as soon as possible.”

Meghan probably wants to show off her Toronto home, and give her prince a chance to get to know her dogs too. Harry has visited his girlfriend at her house before, but they haven’t been able to enjoy extended visits together since the relationship was only recently confirmed publicly. House Beautiful described some of the comfy decorating that Meghan may hope Harry likes as much as she does.

The house is mostly white, with “pops of colors,” mid-century furniture, and “an endless supply of cozy materials.” That sounds like the perfect setting for a romance! If Markle’s dogs get along with Prince Harry as well as she does, the couple are all set to have a romantic winter holiday together.

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