March 11, 2017
Ciara Responds To Criticism Over Naked Family-Themed Maternity Shoot

A pregnant Ciara found herself at the center of some controversy earlier this week after posting a photo from her latest maternity shoot. The 31-year-old uploaded an image that featured her wearing white underwear while holding her naked 2-year-old son, Future Zahir. Ciara's husband and the father of her unborn child, Russell Wilson, had his arms wrapped around her pregnant belly.

While it may sound like a sweet family photo, the results had some people crying foul over the need to post such an intimate photo for all the world to see. Others questioned the need for Ciara's son to be nude in the photo as well.

However, it seems the singer took everyone's opinions into consideration as she deleted the post in question and replaced it with a less nude version.

In the new photo, toddler Future is seen wearing jeans as he cuddles with his mom. Of course, Ciara's Instagram followers noticed the change and once again had a lot to say about her decision to delete the original version.

Some Instagram users said the new image was "much better," but others stated Ciara shouldn't have listened to the haters if she and her family didn't have an issue with the first photo.

"I felt that if neither her, Russel or Future had a problem with the pic then everyone else's opinions did not matter and she should have kept it up."

But it seems "everyone else's opinions" did matter in this case as Cici took down the offending image. The Washington Post reported on Ciara's original post as the site called the photo "unusual."

"Quick, can you spot Russell Wilson in the photo below? You wouldn't be blamed for taking a while to locate the Seahawks quarterback in an unusual family portrait posted Tuesday by his wife, pop star Ciara."

It seems Ciara and Russell's new family photos weren't necessarily their idea as the Washington Post states the image was part of a shoot done by Harper's Bazaar.
"The photo comes from a shoot with Harper's Bazaar, which ran a profile of the very pregnant Ciara."
The Post goes into detail showcasing the reactions on social media as people shared memes to show their opinion on the nude maternity shoot.

"Meanwhile, many observers were amazed by the photo, to judge from some of the reaction it got online."

While the Washington Post states "observers were amazed," it's safe to say a lot of people were skeptical of the family photo to say the least.

The Post does bring up the fact some people found the original to be beautiful as it showcased Russell's love for his step-son.
"Other Twitter users described the photo as 'beautiful' or 'stunning,' and they praised Wilson for making young Future such a big part of his new family."
Even Ciara got in on the action as she poked fun at the photo in another Instagram post. This time, the singer shared a family recreating the now infamous shot as she captioned it "Pure comedy. Love this!" The fan's creation shows a mother awkwardly trying to hold her son while her husband struggles to find a place for his hands in the photo.

Obviously, Ciara is well aware of the jokes people have made at the expense of her nude family photoshoot. However, not all the images from the Harper's Bazaar shoot were as questionable. Ciara did share a few undeniably gorgeous shots, such as this one showcasing her growing baby bump.

The black and white image was better received by Ciara's followers as some said they wanted to recreate the photo, but not for laughs.

"This pic almost makes be wanna be pregnant just so I can try and imitate it! lol"

[Featured Image by Ari Perilstein/Getty Images]