Dylan O’Brien Is Back On ‘Teen Wolf’: Stiles Welcomed Back With Kisses And Hugs On Screen and Off

Dylan O’Brien was hugged a lot as he was welcomed back to the set of Teen Wolf. Co-stars including Tyler Posey and Holland Roden were no doubt delighted to see Dylan after his brush with death last March on the set of Maze Runner, which left him unable to work for over six months.

Dylan O’Brien returned to Teen Wolf in Season 6 Episode 5, according to Siver Times. It is unclear whether O’Brien will appear in every episode for the remainder of the season, but rest assured Stiles is back.

Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien also stars in the Maze Runner movie trilogy. On the set of the third and presumably last Maze Runner film, O’Brien had a very serious accident and by some accounts nearly died, according to a previous story by Inquisitr.

Following the accident, Dylan O’Brien required full facial reconstruction surgery and physical therapy from a trainer. The Inquisitr recounts the story in a previous report. Fans were kept in the dark about the serious nature of the Teen Wolf star’s injuries for months, but his co-stars must have been aware how serious O’Brien’s injuries were.

Now, Dylan O’Brien is back on the set of Teen Wolf and hopefully there will be no stunts. It appears, according to Screener TV, that as Stiles, Dylan by proxy will enjoy a kissing scene with Lydia played by Holland Roden. He certainly won’t need a stunt double for that scene. Holland Roden is probably delighted to see him, as is the rest of the cast.

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Dylan O’Brien isn’t the only star returning to Teen Wolf, though. Ian Bohen is returning as Peter Hale. Hale has been away from the show since Season 4, so his return as well is very special and meaningful. Unfortunately, the Teen Wolf Reunion will be short lived.

Teen Wolf Season 6 will be the final season for the TV show, but there have been a few rumors of a movie in the works. Still, Dylan O’Brien fans are disappointed their show’s days are numbered.

Teen Wolf Star Dylan O'Brien also stars in Maze Runner, and American Assassin
Teen Wolf Star Dylan O'Brien by Ari Perilstein

Teen Wolf Season 6 has created a fascinating plot line to explain Dylan OBrien’s absence. It is by far one of the most complex plots to date for the series. It breaks from the usual hack and slash, physical nature of the show into more of a psychological thriller and some purely supernatural horror as well.


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Dylan O’Brien’s Teen Wolf character Stiles has been abducted by a group of scary Ghost Riders. Stiles has recently discovered that is the same thing that happened to Peter Hale in Season 4 according to Screener TV. Stiles and Peter have now found each other and are working together to escape.

Teen Wolf Stars Dylan O'brien and Tyler Posey
Teen Wolf Stars Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Posey [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

On Teen Wolf, in the new plot line, when Ghost Riders abduct someone, it is as if they never existed. No one remembers them. Lydia, however, isn’t just anybody and she started remembering Styles first. Now there is no way Holland Roden as Lydia is going to give up.

Dylan O’Brien’s return to Teen Wolf was no doubt met with hugs, and Stiles’ return to Lydia will also be marked with kisses and hugs as well.

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