‘Goblin’ K-Drama Ep 7 Review, Ep 8 Preview: Sword Mystery Solved As Reaper And Sunny’s Relationship Gets Center Stage

Goblin Ep. 7 managed to address some of the overlying mysteries of the 2016 K-drama’s plot. During the end of Ep. 6, fans of the new South Korean series were quite shocked to find that the Goblin’s bride, Eun-Tak, was incapable of drawing out the sword embedded in the titular character’s heart. In Ep. 7, this was addressed very well, and the apparent reason behind the bride’s inability to rid the Goblin of his curse is both poignant and painful at the same time. Apart from this, the preview for Goblin Ep. 8 appeared to show the series finally allotting more screen time to the Reaper and Sunny’s budding relationship.

The tension was raised very high since Goblin Ep. 7 opened, with Eun-Tak being completely incapable of even touching the cursed sword embedded in Kim Shin’s heart. Over the course of the previous episodes, the possibility of the Goblin’s bride being unable to pull out the sword was not even raised at all. Thus, when it actually happened at the end of Ep. 6, fans of the K-drama were no less than shocked. In Goblin Ep. 7, the repercussions of the strange event affected the main characters of the series, with the Goblin himself, the Reaper and Eun-Tak struggling to move on from the bride’s failure.

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By the time Goblin Ep. 7 was in its final minutes, however, it seemed like the answer to the strange mystery was solved, as the cursed sword in the titular character’s heart materialized and even moved on its own. This time, when Eun-Tak attempted to hold the sword’s hilt, it no longer disintegrated into her hands. Instead, she was able to slowly pull out the cursed object. Before she was able to fully rid her destined love of his life, however, the Goblin pushed her back, before saving her in arguably the most dramatic manner possible.

Overall, Goblin Ep. 7 managed to answer two very important questions that emerged over the past few weeks. For one, Kim Shin finally admitted to the Reaper that with Eun Tak and his developing feelings for the young girl around, he finally wishes to live. This has become a central conflict in the K-drama since the Goblin has been searching for death over the course of his long, 900-year life. Now that he finally has the means to leave the world, his wish for death suddenly wavers.

Apart from this, the K-drama seemed to have established that the Goblin’s cursed sword could only be pulled out when Kim Shin himself finds love for Eun-Tak in his heart. This happened during the final moments of Goblin Ep. 7 when the titular character finally embraced his young bride out of pure affection. This particular development in the plot has been predicted by numerous fans for weeks now, especially since having the Goblin’s life taken away when he finally falls in love is arguably one of the most dramatic, albeit tragic things that the K-drama can unravel to its fans.

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One thing that managed to get a lot of fans’ attention was the preview for Goblin Ep. 8, which teased further developments in the relationship between the Reaper and Sunny, who are also tied by destiny. The Reaper and Sunny’s budding relationship has taken a back seat in the past few weeks, but with Ep. 8, the couple seems to finally be getting their spot in the K-drama’s limelight. From the tone of the Goblin Ep. 8 preview, however, it appears like the following episode would be filled with a good amount of tears, after all.

The overall plot of Goblin has been progressing steadily over the last few episodes. In Ep. 7, a number of the series’ more concerning mysteries seem to have been addressed, enabling the series’ plot to finally move definitively forward. From what the previews of the last few episodes have shown so far, it seems like Goblin would eventually shift to a more somber tone, considering that the titular character’s previous flash forward seemed to suggest that he would not be present in Eun-Tak’s life in the future. The new K-drama is closing in on its midway point, and the pieces of its plot are slowly falling into place. With this, fans of the breakout 2016 K-drama could expect something very significant to happen within the next few episodes.

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