Brendan Fraser Slated For A Big Comeback? Fans Are Begging Hollywood To Cast Him In Recent Petition

Brendan Fraser used to be a big name in Hollywood, but over the years, his popularity has slipped. Now, the internet wants to bring back the ’90s heartthrob, so fans of the star started a campaign on Reddit that has caught on like wildfire. The “Save Brendan” campaign implores Hollywood to give Fraser a job and includes a petition to Netflix, HBO, Starz, and Showtime to cast him in something big so that Brendan can get back to work and regain his popularity.

“We are now calling on all networks to please consider Brendan for any upcoming shows/movies that are planned,” the petition reads. “Brendan is a much loved actor worldwide, people are shocked that he wasn’t at least offered a smaller role in the new Mummy movie.”

Brendan Fraser fans have been working together since seeing a very sad interview with the actor where he talked about the reality of being a former Hollywood star. The Blemish reported on Fraser’s interview, where he talked about what he could have been, discussed his current non-starring role on Showtime’s The Affair, and talked about the astronomical amount he was ordered to pay his ex-wife after their divorce.

“Brendan has been in multiple interviews recently and has appeared to be very down and out, and us loyal fans feel like we are obliged to help him in any way possible,” the petition continues. “Please help us get Brendan back on his feet again, we miss him.”

Fans really started to miss Brendan Fraser after the Tom Cruise reboot of The Mummy. When it became obvious that Fraser wasn’t even given a cameo role in the monster movie remake, they got pretty upset. Several have even commented that Cruise’s version of the movie just isn’t up to par with the ones Fraser made in the past.

The petition to return Brendan Fraser to Hollywood greatness has now received just over 27,000 signatures and is still moving in the right direction. That’s not too bad considering the petition has only been circulating for about four days. However, there have to be more than 27,000 people out there who would love to see Fraser get cast in something significant again.

Fans remember his roles in School Ties and Encino Man, both classics from 1992. Fraser was cranking out movies for a while and kept audiences entertained with Airheads, With Honors and Glory Daze. Not to mention George of the Jungle, who could ever forget that? Brendan Fraser never stepped away from Hollywood or stopped working. Instead, his roles just started to get smaller and smaller.

Brendan has impressed many with his role of Gunther on Showtime’s The Affair. Sadly, even Fraser knows that his role isn’t a main one but at least he has a recurring part that is getting him paid.

Will there be a rise of Brendan Fraser in Hollywood again? That really depends on the popularity of the petition circulating to give Fraser better, bigger parts and make him a star again. Certainly, if enough people sign it, someone will take notice and decide that Fraser is still relevant enough to cast. He definitely has the acting chops and a decent range, considering he’s made comedies, dramas, historical dramas, romantic comedies, and even some really weird, dark movies too.

Those who also remember Brendan Fraser’s greatness are urged to sign the petition to bring him back. So far, the #BringbackBrendan campaign has been called a minor success but the creator of the petition to revive his career has said that true success won’t happen until Fraser lands a major role so everyone can enjoy him on the big screen again.

[Feature Image by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP Images]