Christmas Eve 2016: Are Banks Open Today? Find A Full List Of Store Hours And What’s Closed On December 24

Christmas Eve 2016 is here, but those looking to make a trip to the bank or just finding out which stores are open or closed might have a difficult time.

The day before Christmas is one for meeting with family, sharing a meal, opening some early presents — and for many people, doing a lot of last-minute errands to get all of that ready. But with some stores open and some closed, others closing early, and a select few staying open all 24 hours, it’s hard to tell how to schedule all those stops.

So those looking to schedule a few last-minute stops on December 24 can find a full list of what’s open and what’s closed on Christmas Eve below.

What’s closed on Christmas Eve 2016

The list of what’s closed on Christmas Eve 2016 is actually quite short. While most stores and restaurants are closing early to give their employees a chance to spend the holiday at home, few are actually closed during the day.

Banks appear to be the main exception. Many financial institutions will be closed, but largely because December 24 happens to fall on a Saturday. Those that normally offer Saturday hours will stay on the same schedule, and anyone who needs to make a late deposit can make use of the “smart” ATMs offered by institutions like Bank of America.

Municipal offices will also mostly be closed on Christmas Eve.

What’s open on Christmas Eve 2016

Those looking to do some shopping or make a stop are in luck, as most every store will be open on Christmas Eve, at least for some hours.

It is not a federal holiday, so government offices like the United States Post Office will be open. But Christmas Eve does fall on a Saturday, so the offices that are normally closed on the weekend will remain that way.

Most stores are open at least during the day on Christmas Eve, though most are also closing early. Target will be open until either 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. depending on the location — and will also be closed on Christmas Day.

Walmart locations will be closing a bit earlier, with stores shutting their doors at 6 p.m. so employees can go home and celebrate the holiday with families. But anyone looking to make a late pick-up will still be able to do it.

“Customers who order an item available for pickup on line by 6 p.m. local time on Dec. 23 will be able to pick up their items before closing time on Dec. 24,” noted.

Those looking to make a very late purchase or pick up a forgotten gift can find a few places open 24 hours on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Walgreen’s will stay open all day and night (for its 24-hour locations, at least), and some Giant-Landover stores across Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and the District of Columbia will also be open all day on Christmas Eve and Christmas, the New York Times noted.

There will be a few other stores open 24 hours on Christmas Eve, the Buffalo News noted. These include CVS, Rite Aid, and NOCO Express locations, but only those normally on 24-hour schedules.

For many other stores — including most drug stores and fast food — they will be open on Christmas Eve, but the exact hours will depend on the location. As the New York Times found, shoppers are best to check ahead to see what hours the stores might be open.

“That was a common response we received from large retailers: many leave holiday scheduling up to local branch managers or individual franchise owners.

“CVS is also open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, although hours will vary store to store. ‘It would be best for customers to check with their store,’ said Stephanie Cunha, a spokeswoman.”

There will be plenty of other locations open on Christmas Eve 2016, including movie theaters.

Those who want to know if a local store or restaurant is open or closed on Christmas Eve 2016 would be best served to call ahead early enough to find out.

[Featured Image by Gunnar Rathbun/AP Images]