Kanye West Still ‘Has Health Issues That Need To Be Resolved,’ Cancels European ‘Saint Pablo’ Shows


Shortly before Kanye West was hospitalized, the rapper announced that he would cancel the rest of the shows on his North American Saint Pablo tour. Soon after came Kanye’s breakdown, which sources report led to confusion in his camp about the European shows on his tour.

“It was never confirmed, never announced, hence not canceled,” an insider told People of the European Saint Pablo tour.

But on Friday, a second unnamed source close to Kanye West confirmed to People that West will definitely not be performing the European leg of his Saint Pablo tour, either because “he has health issues that need to be resolved prior to returning to work.”

“Fitness — physical and mental – are essential to him being able to be restored fully and cleared to work.”

In November, Kanye West announced that he would forego the remaining shows on his North American Saint Pablo tour. Hours later, the 39-year-old rapper was admitted to the UCLA Medical Center at the advice of his doctor, who suggested that Yeezy undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Initially, reports indicated that West was taken to the hospital because he was dealing with the aftermath of sleep deprivation and dehydration, but as the rapper spent more and more time in the hospital, other stories began to emerge.

Some reports indicated that ‘Ye was dealing with paranoia after an attack and robbery of his wife, Kim Kardashian. At the beginning of October, robbers broke into the Paris apartment of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star as she slept. After she was bound and gagged, the thieves made away with more than $10 million in jewelry.

As a result of the incident, reports indicated that Kanye believed everyone was out to get him and his family, and other reports indicated that Kim Kardashian is the only person Kanye trusts.

Still other rumors reported that between his new album, his fashion line and his concert tour, Kanye was simply working himself too hard and needed an opportunity to recover from his exhaustion.

Today, sources are reporting that Kanye is “mercurial,” but that he hasn’t solidified any plans for the future. According to an unnamed source for People, West is behaving impulsively and has fluctuating moods which, given his history of bizarre rants at his concerts and on social media, doesn’t seem that far out of the norm.

“He is mercurial. One minute he is here. One minute he is there. He is very very difficult to pin down. Things are changing minute to minute.”

According to People, Kanye stands to lose an extraordinary amount of money from each canceled concert — an estimated $1.5 million per city and $16 million in merchandise sales. Given Kanye’s rant back in February about being $53 million in debt, some close to him are concerned that he may face financial hardship if he doesn’t get back to work quickly enough.

Others say that simply won’t come to pass. According to an unnamed source, Kanye finances many of his ventures himself, has a huge Adidas contract, and “had an incredible, massive year, financially.” Additionally, the insider revealed that Kim Kardashian’s business acumen has helped him to build up his business and investing portfolio.

In short, those close to West assert that the rapper has no immediate financial worries, and those around West hope that he will take the time to improve his health before rushing back to work.

“He has tremendous earning capacity and he has a great talent,” a source told People. “He just needs to take the time to focus on his health now. He needs to rest, because if you feel good one day, it doesn’t mean you are good. And in his situation, it is a cumulative thing. It’s something he needs to manage.”

A second source added: “Kanye — he is who he is. He has had this moment. He can get better, he can be functional, and he can be successful,” the business insider tells PEOPLE. “He has to take a look at some things that are important for him to really take the next steps in his life personally and professionally.”

What do you think of the news that Kanye will not perform at any of the scheduled European Saint Pablo concerts?

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