Daily UFO Sightings: 2016 Shows Huge Increase, Aliens Attacking With Radioactive Chemicals?

Claims of UFO sightings are hardly a rarity, but it seems that 2016 has seen a huge increase in reported sightings. Just last month, a video of a UFO sighting in Texas went viral, and the man who captured the video claimed that the UFO changed shape several times in four minutes. As reported in University Herald, most UFO sightings are dismissed as military planes, weather balloons, satellites, other man-made objects, or simply a trick of the light. Nothing explains why, in 2016, daily UFO sightings are becoming commonplace.


Those who believe that UFO sightings are evidence of extraterrestrial life claim that our sun is unlikely to be the only star with a planet capable of sustaining life. UFO sightings, they claim, are evidence of that fact. Of course, just as many other people claim that if aliens are capable of intergalactic travel, then they would have contacted humanity long ago. Whatever the truth of the matter, many reports claim that in 2016, daily UFO sightings are being reported across the world.

iTech Post claims that the increase in UFO sightings could be the result of alien craft coming through a “wormhole” after a video emerged that purports to show exactly that.

The Daily Express reports today that there have been more that 20 UFO sightings this month alone. The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has reported numerous sightings of “triangle shaped” UFOs. Earlier this week two people in Bucks County, Pennsylvania claimed to have seen four triangle UFOs trailed by a series of other objects flying low over homes. The UFO’s are often reported to have been seen at relatively low altitudes. They have been described as “of large size, with lights marking out the sides and slow silent travel.”

If The Daily UFO Sightings Are Real, Are They Friendly?

It is perhaps worrying that the Express also reported earlier this week that UFO sightings are not necessarily friendly. Those who saw a UFO sighting in California initially believed they saw an aircraft on fire, but soon realized this was not the case. Even more worryingly, they claimed that the UFO was spraying radioactive chemicals over people’s homes.

“I looked up to see what I first thought was a passenger plane on fire. Within a second or two, I was startled because I had realized this was no plane. It was a dull silver-domed object with orange lights around its middle.”

“It was a typical domed UFO looking craft. It was obvious to me that this craft was in trouble.”

The witness went on to claim that the UFO was trailing a green vapor that he thought to be radioactive.

“The vapor trail didn’t seem to be coming from any particular vent or place on the craft, it seemed to almost enshroud the craft and then slip off and fall behind. It would leave a trail and dissipate within a few seconds.”

“The color was both concerning and fascinatingly beautiful. My first thoughts were that it was highly poisonous or radioactive.”

UFO Sightings Daily 2016
(Image by Natacha Pisarenko/AP)

It isn’t just the U.S. that has seen a rise in UFO Sightings in 2016. Daily Disruption reports that the latest 2016 UFO sightings were in Slovakia. Reportedly, a “diamond-shaped bright spot of light” appeared over the top of some mountains in Slovakia and was captured on video.

“The unidentified source of light started to change color. It turned green first and then purple.”

“On zooming, its shape also seems to be changed from the traditional Saturn shaped to a round orb and back again. It is not clear if the changing color patterns have anything to with the camera lens.”

Of course, official sources have little to say about the latest 2016 UFO sightings, and most sightings are explained as a natural phenomenon of some kind.

What do you think about the almost daily UFO Sightings in 2016? Are the sightings signs of alien life or something much more earthly? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Natacha Pisarenko/AP Photo]