Leah Messer Launches New Business: Continues To Be On A Roll During Life-Changing Year

Leah Messer may have had a bad year last year, as she went to rehab to deal with her depression and anxiety, temporarily lost custody of her twin girls thanks to her ex-husband, Corey Simms, and she was also criticized by the Teen Mom 2 viewers for not paying attention to her daughters. However, Messer decided to change things and turn her life around. Not only has she focused on turning her life around, but she has also bought a home for herself and her three daughters. And it sounds like she’s ready to venture into the business world again, even though she has just enrolled in school again.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer is now revealing that her life is coming together and she’s loving how things are working out. She recently revealed that she’s heading back to school in 2017, and she’s excited about doing something for herself that her daughters can be proud of. And because she has worked so hard on changing things for herself, Leah has the energy to do something awesome for her daughters, like a birthday party.

“This was after all the kiddos left. This momma was exhausted, but so happy they all had a great time at their slumber/birthday party!” Leah Messer revealed on Instagram, sharing that she’s taking the time to throw her children some awesome birthday parties.

Earlier this year, Leah purchased a home for herself and her daughters and she was so proud when she made the purchase. It really showed that Leah had moved on from her past issues, including two divorces and she’s excited about the future. And Leah Messer is now revealing that she’s launching a brand new business, where she has the help of two friends. She’s venturing into the lipstick industry.

“Lizz Walters and I working on everyone’s orders for LipSense. This has been exhausting but it’ll be so worth it!” Leah Messer revealed on Instagram, sharing various pictures of her trying on some different shades of lipstick, hinting that she’s going into the beauty space and she’s excited about trying something new.

Of course, this isn’t Leah’s first attempt to start something in the beauty industry. A few years ago when she was married to Jeremy Calvert and before having a third daughter, she explored a business venture in regards to tanning and skincare. Messer never went through with that particular business, but it sounds like she still has a desire to work in that space.

“Leah…I never leave comments on anyone’s Instagram that appear on TV, but you are an inspiring mother of 3 and you have proven to the world (and honestly don’t need to prove to anyone) that you don’t need a man to depend on. You are a strong mom that has been caring and loving to your 3 kids and trust me I know it’s hard coming from a mother of 3,” one person wrote in support of Leah on her Instagram page.

The same fan added, “I commend you and God has blessed you in so many ways, and ways you probably still don’t see. He had blessed you to keep moving forward in life and raising your girls to be the best that they can be. May the New Year bring you more blessings and more strength to keep moving forward. You are a great mom and have always commended you on that. May you and your 3 little Angels. Have a good Christmas.”

What do you think of Leah Messer having the energy to host parties for her daughters? Do you think it’s awesome that she’s heading back into the beauty industry?

[Featured Image by Andrea Astes/iStockPhoto.com]