‘Generation KKK’: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Ellen Pompeo Calls For A&E’s Ban Over KKK-Themed Series [Watch Video]

Generation KKK, even before its January premiere, has become a highly controversial series. The voices against this Ku Klux Klan-themed docu-series seem to be only growing stronger. Grey’s Anatomy’s star Ellen Pompeo has become the latest celebrity to voice her outrage and disgust over Generation KKK.

A still image from A&E's new docu-series Generation KKK.
Grey's Anatomy actress Ellen Pompeo calls for A&E's ban over Generation KKK. [Image by A&E]

In a series of tweets on her Twitter feed, Pompeo has called for A&E’s ban, saying that the executives at the cable channel were “pathetic” and they wanted to air anything and everything on television. She also questioned the timing of Generation KKK’s premiere, adding that the show was trying to tap on the disgust wave that was started by President-elect Donald Trump.

And replying to a tweet that said it was just a docu-series and she should not be giving any attention to it, Pompeo said that ignorance should not be given a platform, adding that they already had done that once this year and look at what that got them. She probably was hinting at Donald Trump’s election as the 45th President of USA. It is no secret that KKK members had supported Trump for President. Soon after his election victory. According to The Los Angeles Times, Ku Klux Klan said that it would hold a Trump victory parade in North Carolina, and also during the election campaign, KKK’s official newspaper, the Crusader, announced its support for Trump’s Presidency.


Grey’s Anatomy star also suggested that A&E should air her medical drama series instead of Generation KKK, saying that her ABC series was smarter, compassionate and better looking.


A&E Network was quick to respond to her angry tweets, trying to assuage her concern over Generation KKK. They said that the show was about exposing hate and about extracting families from KKK. Pompeo asked them to promote the show as that if that was really the concept of the show.


Generation KKK follows the everyday lives of four prominent Ku Klux Klan family members, and one member of each family will be shown trying to escape the white supremacist group.

A clip from A&E's new docu-series Generation KKK.
Generation KKK official video claims that the new A&E docu-series will expose the racist group. [Image by A&E]

The series, according to Generation KKK’s description on A&E website, is “pulling back the curtain” on the organization that is committed to “achieve its goals of racial segregation and white supremacy” through extreme violence. A&E also claims that the show will follow a group of activists who are working to break the cycle of hate.

“The series will also follow a network of anti-hate and peace activists working to break the cycle by helping to convince members to leave the hate group.”

One of the sneak peeks of the show opens with a series of text messages that say that hatred is passed down as a legacy in the KKK, and this “must” stop. The docu-series, according to one of the texts, is about a group of activists working to expose the hate as well as end it.

The voiceover that follows calls KKK a group of people who are not harmless, and they are not a group that just wants to promote their race and heritage. In the clip, an activist is seen trying to tell a member that he is there to guide him through the process — the process to get him out of the group — if he lets him. The clip ends with hashtag “#Expose Hate” after one of the activists says that the current generation will be the last generation to deal with KKK nonsense.

“This cycle ends here. This generation will be the last generation that has to deal with this nonsense.”


Meanwhile, TMZ is reporting that A&E did not pay any money to the Ku Klux Klan members who are appearing on Generation KKK. Citing unnamed production sources, the report says that the KKK members agreed to appear on the show for free because they want to “recast” their image.

“… the families profiled on the show agreed because they feel they’re misunderstood. They somehow want to convince viewers they are not a racist group but rather a ‘race preservation group.'”

Watch Generation KKK’s first official look here.

Generation KKK premieres on January 10 on A&E, which is ten days before the much-anticipated inauguration day on January 20.

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