Officer Russ Thornton Tasers 91-Year-Old Man With Alzheimer’s In Minneapolis Nursing Home, Man Dies Two Months Later [Graphic Video]

A new video is going viral online due to the surprising content. As seen below, an Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office undersheriff, Russ Thornton, used a Taser to subdue a 91-year-old man named “Lee” in a nursing home, as reported by the Daily Mail. The 91-year-old, who reportedly suffered from Alzheimer’s, tried to get away from the law enforcement officers at the nursing home in Minneapolis, Kansas because the elderly man did not want to leave the nursing home to go for a doctor’s visit. Instead of letting the elderly man leave the room or subduing him using gentler means, the officer tasered the old man in the back, which left him crying out in pain.

Warning: The following video contains footage that might be disturbing to some viewers.