Marissa Hermer Slammed For Leaving Newborn Behind: ‘Moms Are Mean To Other Moms’

Marissa Hermer shared the birth of her daughter Sadie on Ladies Of London this season because she wanted to share her troublesome pregnancy complication. Hermer wanted to share her story because many other mothers may find her story inspirational and relatable. But after a few weeks of being at home with her newborn daughter, Sadie was rushed to the hospital. While she was considered a premature baby, she fought her way back and started doing much better. So when Marissa announced that she was going to the Hamptons with her husband Matt Hermer to celebrate her mother-in-law’s birthday, fans were shocked. Would she really leave her newborn at home in London, while flying to the US?

According to a new Bravo report, Marissa Hermer is now revealing that she hasn’t gotten much support from fans who watched this week’s episode of Ladies Of London. In fact, Hermer was surprised that many mothers reached out to her and slammed her for her decision to leave her newborn daughter at home with the nannies while she went to the US with her husband and one of her sons. But as she explained to viewers, Marissa Hermer had promised each of her sons a trip with mom and dad after the baby was born and this was the perfect opportunity to bring one of her sons on a trip.

“Moms are mean to other moms – even when they know how hard it is to juggle on no sleep wish mom’s would support each other,” Marissa Hermer tweeted as the episode was airing, sharing that she was surprised to see so much hate from other mothers about the situation.

Hermer also explained that every mom makes different decisions and she did what worked for her in the situation. And she continued to tweet with her fans, sharing that she had spent the time on the plane pumping so her daughter had plenty of milk when she got home and she could keep her milk production healthy. Sure, she left her daughter at home for a few days, but Marissa Hermer adds that motherhood isn’t always glamorous.

“Pumping on the plane… motherhood isn’t always glamorous is it? my igloo cooler goes EVERYWHERE with me. ;) #LadiesOfLondon,” Marissa Hermer tweeted to fans who were watching Ladies Of London this past Monday, adding, “is never easy as a parent to get on a plane – thx goodness I had Matt and Max to drag me on plane (w Patricia to push me!) #LadiesOfLondon.”

Even though Marissa Hermer was trying to be honest and open about her struggles as a mother with a premature baby, some other mothers felt it was necessary to slam her for her decision to leave Sadie at home with her nannies rather than bring her to the US. As fans will see next week, even her Ladies of London co-stars were surprised with the decision to leave her daughter at home just weeks after being released from the hospital.

“Is heartbreaking how easily mothers judge other mothers and point fingers.. “For in the way you judge, you will be judged” #LadiesOfLondon,” Marissa Hermer revealed after getting plenty of mean tweets from viewers, adding herself, “Dear Moms, you are all doing a great job. No one knows what battles you are fighting. #LadiesOfLondon.”

She later added the following tweets in hopes of changing people’s minds, tweeting, “Is heartbreaking how easily mothers judge other mothers – we should support each other because we know how hard it all is.. #LadiesOfLondon.”

What do you think of Marissa Hermer’s comments about mothers not really supporting other mothers? Are you surprised that so many mothers were criticizing her for leaving her newborn daughter at home while she flew to the United States?

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