Katie Maloney And Tom Schwartz: Why Are They Spending The Holidays Apart?

Katie Maloney dished out thousands of dollars this summer to marry Tom Schwartz in a lavish forest wedding. Most of her Vanderpump Rules co-stars were invited and they have been happily married since, even though it was trouble and drama leading up to the wedding. They are now seeing how much they argued prior to them getting married and how Katie pushed Tom to spend thousands of dollars for their wedding. And now that they are married, they are now revealing that their first Christmas will actually be spent apart rather than together.

According to a new Bravo report, Katie Maloney and Tom recently visited The Daily Dish where they spoke out about their first holiday season together. As it turns out, Tom joked that they were planning on not spending it together and it sounds like that’s partially true. But it is simply because they are both heading home to their parents and family members to celebrate the holidays. And since they hail from different states, they have to divide and conquer.

“Even though it’s our first Christmas as a married couple, he hasn’t been home for Christmas since he moved to L.A. We’re gonna spend Christmas Eve in Vegas with my family,” Katie Maloney has revealed about their Christmas plans, according to Bravo, with Tom adding, “‘Cause they celebrate Christmas Eve and then I’m gonna go on Christmas day with my family.”

While Katie Maloney is often talking about being from Utah, she’s actually spending Christmas in Vegas with her family. Tom’s family, who is from Minnesota, may be excited to see him come home for a bit. Both Tom and Katie’s family traveled to Los Angeles this summer to attend their wedding and one can imagine their families are excited that they are coming to them this holiday season. And while Tom will go to spend Christmas with Katie’s family and then continue on to see his own family, possibly in Minnesota. Maybe Katie Maloney doesn’t want to travel to Minnesota to see his family, as she doesn’t get a lot of time with her own family.

But the two of them will be reunited for New Year’s Eve as they are all heading to Cabo together. The entire Vanderpump Rules crew as it stands right now. In other words, don’t expect James Kennedy and Lala Kent to join them on the trip. Lala has quit the show because she was tired of being bullied by the other cast members and it sounds like Katie Maloney herself is ready to make this trip a redeeming one for the cast members.

While they are “spread[ing] it around a little bit,” they will meet up again for New Year’s as they are all going to Cabo with the Vanderpump Rules crew. Jax Taylor has revealed that he and Brittany are also going to Cabo and one can imagine the entire crew will head to the sunny beaches of Cabo rather than stay in California for the New Year.

“Yeah we’re all gonna go to Cabo,” Katie Maloney has said about their New Year’s plans, adding, “We haven’t all been there together since Stassi’s birthday.”

“It was a disaster. Cabo redemption,” Tom added, sharing that he is very excited about giving Cabo a second chance, with Katie Maloney adding, “For Christmas we try to do something together like take a trip, so Cabo’s kind of our [gift]. Rather than buy gifts for each other, let’s just spend money on a trip together.”

What do you think of Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz spending the holiday season partially apart? Do you think it is best to divide and conquer?

[Featured Image by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]