Kim Kardashian Has Been Losing Money Following Unfortunate Incidents

Kim Kardashian had quite a dramatic year and 2016 will most likely go down as one very unfortunate year for her in many aspects including her finances.

Kim has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons this year following a series of unfortunate incidents. It all started when the star was robbed while at a hotel in Paris on October 2. The reality star was gagged in a bathtub and the robbers made away with jewelry worth roughly $11 million including an expensive ring given to her by her husband Kanye West.

Kim’s decision to go off the radar denied her some opportunities

The unfortunate ordeal left the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality star traumatized and it caused her to go radio silent on social media while also upgrading her privacy to a whole new level. She put everything on hold including scheduled appearances from which she expected to be paid. This means she lost out on revenue earning opportunities to add to the $11 million that she lost in form of jewelry.

Kim Kardashian losing money
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Kanye’s hospitalization added on to Kim’s troubles

Kim was about to make a return to the spotlight when her husband Kanye West was hospitalized after going through a mental breakdown. Kim was on her way to attend the Angel Ball in New York when she got the news about West being hospitalized. She immediately got on a plane and traveled back to LA where she went to support her husband.

West’s hospitalization came as a shock to the whole world and it made Kim shy off from making her come back. She put everything on hold once again, this time so that she could take care of her family. A good move because she would have had a hard time trying to work with so much stress in her mind. Kim thus decided to clear her schedule meaning she once again had to miss out on some opportunities.

Kim Kardashian losing money
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Amid all that was going on, there were rumors that Kim and Kanye were on the verge of a divorce and this added to Kim’s stress. All the negativity surrounding the family created a bad environment for her recovery and it was also not good for business because it provided bad publicity. It also made Kim extend her silence, especially on social media.


The rumors of the divorce were however dismissed after Kim K’s friend Jonathan Cheban reported that the rumors were fake. The couple remained very silent after West’s release from the hospital and they have been taking the time to focus on their marriage and family life.

“Kim is dealing with the trauma from the robbery. Kanye is receiving help for depression and learning how to cope with stress better,” a source revealed about the couple.

According to the source, Kim and Kanye have not been doing couples therapy but instead they have been having therapy sessions individually. Kim is still receiving therapy to overcome the trauma she experienced after the robbery while West has been having therapy sessions to help him recover from depression.

The couple was recently seen together in Santa Monica while out and about despite rumors that their marriage was on the rocks. The two looked calm and relaxed perhaps because of their whirlwind of a year.


“Yes, it was just the two of them, Kim didn’t smile much, but Kanye seemed cheerful. They just had dinner and talked for a long time. They were friendly and polite,” an eyewitness reported.

Despite losing a lot of money this year, Kim and Kanye seem to be working on making a recovery and focusing on the positives while hoping that 2017 will bring better fortunes.