Trump Inauguration Entertainment: A-List Performers Secretly Want Gig, But Are Running Scared Amid Heavy Backlash Epidemic

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Heavy backlash fears are consuming A-list performers who really want to be part of the Trump inauguration entertainment, music industry insiders reveal. Reports of big-name singers declining the opportunity to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration grows bigger by the day. In essence, it’s become an epidemic for celebrities.

According to TMZ, the backlash is so intense, that anyone willing to partake in Trump’s inauguration entertainment will never admit they strongly considered the gig. Sources in the music industry say superstar singers and groups would secretly like to perform at Donald Trump’s inaugural event, but are running scared over the real threat of damaging their careers. Moreover, entertainers who were “on the list” have “floated rumors” they might provide entertainment at the Trump inauguration to “judge public reaction.” The stigma of performing at Trump’s inaugural event has discouraged them from going forward with that plan.

TMZ reports that “trial balloons” were tested “by at least four camps,” but it fell flat and they won’t ever identify themselves as those interested in performing on Trump’s day of swearing in as the next President of the United States.

It was revealed this week that three more big names won’t be appearing at Trump’s inauguration — Celine Dion, Garth Brooks, and KISS. As TMZ reports, Celine Dion isn’t performing because she’s loyal to her fans and has shows in Las Vegas the same day as the inauguration. Her declination wasn’t directly linked to a fear of boycott or backlash.

It was also rumored for several weeks that Gene Simmons of KISS might be on the roster of performers for Trump’s inauguration entertainment, but his wife said Gene won’t be at the event. Initially, it was believed KISS wouldn’t perform due to heavy backlash, but the band is touring Europe during the inauguration and it may have more to do with a “scheduling conflict” than actual boycott or backlash fears.

Renown music producer, David Foster, announced on Instagram that he was approached to organize Trump’s inauguration entertainment, but “politely and respectfully declined” the offer.

Elton John has also turned down performing at the inauguration.

Andrea Bocelli was believed to perform at the inaugural event, but rumors surfaced he changed his mind due to a boycott. This rumor was addressed by Presidential Inauguration Committee Chairman Tom Barrack, who told CNBC that Donald Trump never asked Bocelli to perform at his inauguration. Conversely, Bocelli approached Trump about performing at the event and Trump said he didn’t need to. Bocelli is said to be longtime friends with Trump.

An incoming president has never had this much trouble booking A-list entertainment, but Trump inauguration organizers are certainly facing this challenge. Fortunately, Donald Trump seems unfazed by all of this and isn’t that interested in having big names at his event. He highlights that Hillary Clinton having the likes of Beyonce and other singers didn’t do her any good in the end when it came to the presidential race.

There may still be hope for Trump’s inauguration entertainment on January 20. The Beach Boys have been asked to perform at the inauguration and they haven’t turned it down. A source connected to the band tell the New York Post that they haven’t made a decision on the offer yet.

Trump reacted to all of the negative buzz about performers refusing to entertain at his inauguration when he took to Twitter and lashed out.

The tweet falls in line with what TMZ reports concerning the mega watt stars who want to perform, but are worried about it doing irreparable damage to their careers. It’s unknown which stars would secretly agree to being a part of the Trump inauguration entertainment because they’re bowing to pressure.

As it stands, only two talents are confirmed for Trump’s swearing in and those are America’s Got Talent runner-up, Jackie Evancho, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

A recent report by the Inquisitr revealed who makes up the Trump inauguration entertainment for the All American Ball. More can be read about that here.

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