Karlie Kloss Is Totally Relatable As She Strips Down For Day 23 Of ‘Love’s’ Advent Calendar

Karlie Kloss just won women’s hearts with her appearance for day 23 of Love magazine’s advent calendar.

The 24-year-old model attempts to strip down in the minute-long video directed by Phil Poynter, but encounters a few struggles. First, Karlie has a difficult time getting her fitted dress undone and off as she attempts to undress. Next comes unbuckling her strappy flats as she continues to disrobe. In a totally relatable moment, Karlie smells her underarms and makes a face as if her pits could use a refreshing.

She dumps out her purse in search of red lipstick and mascara, which she promptly applies. Karlie displays her cleavage in a red bra as she admires her handy-work in a mirror. She then slicks back her blonde locks with help from water in a flower vase before forcing her feet into a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps. Karlie looks quite the sight in red undergarments and thigh-high stockings as she carefully walks toward the door. However, she trips a little before exiting, proving even models aren’t immune to the woes of walking in heels.

Love posted a little teaser of the light-hearted video on its Instagram account, prompting fans to ask for a video clip instead.

“Post a clip??!”

However, viewers can easily visit the magazine’s website to see the video in its entire.

Daily Mail was prompt in covering Karlie’s day 23 as it called her appearance “playful.”

“She’s one of the world’s most successful supermodels and has fronted some of the season’s most-iconic fashion shoots. But Karlie Kloss displayed her playful side as she injected some serious sex appeal to day 23 of LOVE magazine’s advent calendar, directed by Phil Poynter.”

Kloss shot the video in an apartment in Paris during Fashion Week, Daily Mail reported, as she strutted her model physique to the sound of “Santa Baby.”

“Shot in a seriously chic Parisian apartment during Fashion Week, the catwalk queen, 24, showcased her endless legs and toned physique as she strutted around in saucy scarlet lingerie and suspenders.”

The Daily Mail also pointed out that Karlie is one of the world’s most iconic supermodels right now, but was able to poke fun at herself in the silly video.

“Casting aside her serious supermodel reputation, the statuesque beauty poked fun at herself.”

Karlie Kloss appears in Love magazine's advent calendar
[Image by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]

While Love posted an image promoting today’s video just this hour, commenters are already weighing in with their opinions. One Instagram user was not impressed by the quality of Karlie’s video and said it looks to be inexpensive.

“God this looks cheap…”

However, model Chrissy Teigen’s funny appearance for day 16 was well-received by fans as they shared their thoughts on Instagram. Teigen, similar to Karlie, can be seen in a light-hearted video as she eats fries and hot dogs while doing aerobics. Viewers loved how relatable Chrissy’s clip was, but so far it seems Karlie’s is not getting the same applause. In fact, it seems fans are getting a bit tired of seeing the same body type in each video.

Some viewers have voiced their opinion about seeing thin white models instead of a diversity of races and body shapes in the calendar.

“Is there no Daisy Lowe this time? Or are you just catering to Taylor and her ‘squad’ of thin white girls?”

Some Instagram users have called for Love to use plus-size models, but so far it’s been more of the same. Stars such as Rita Ora and Kim Kardashian have made appearances, but they’re far from being considered plus-size. Viewers took to commenting on model Alexa Chung’s — who is known for being skinny — day as they call out how thin the women are who appear in the advent calendar.

“She’s so skinny.”

Karlie Kloss fans will continue to share their opinions on her advent calendar appearance as her video gets more views.

[Featured Image by Stuart C. WilsonGetty Images]