‘Super’ Window Washers Bring Smiles To Children’s Hospital

Memphis, TN – Three window washers recently dressed up as superheroes as they cleaned the windows of Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.

According to TODAY, while pretending to be comic book heroes, the trio are real-life heroes to the patients and staff at the hospital.

“The kids are normally tethered to their rooms at that time of day, waiting to meet with physicians, so this surprise was wonderful for them,” Thomas Hobson, Director of Child Life Services at the hospital, told TODAY Moms. “To have this distraction, to have this unexpected surprise visitor – the young kids’ eyes just lit up.” Hobson noted that it wasn’t just the young patients who loved the sight of those superheroes. The older, adolescent patients also thought it was pretty cool, as did the staff. “Staff members were taking pictures of the guys saying, ‘my nephew is never going to believe this,’” Hobson said.

“They are just the sweetest, kindest people,” Anne Glankler, a media relations specialist for Le Bonheur, told TODAY Moms about the wind”super” window washers. “They are just shocked that it’s gotten the attention it has. They weren’t expecting anything like that. They just wanted to do something nice for the kids.”

The NY Daily News reports that Jordan Emerson and Danny Oszaniec from the window-washing company American National Skyline were the firsts to think of the idea to dress up as superheroes while cleaning hospital windows.

The duo took their idea to their boss, Steve Oszaniec, who not only gave the idea the green light but also decided to dress up and join the two on this very special job.

“Every time we come down the building, the kids jump out of their beds and run to the windows, saying ‘Are you guys Spider-Man?’ ” Emerson told the NY Daily News, so why not actually be Spiderman for a day?

The “super” window washers made their rounds cleaning windows outside one morning while doctors made their rounds inside. Mornings at Le Bonheur are usually when the kids meet with their doctors, which means that they have to stay in their rooms, patiently waiting for their doctor to come by. But, on this special day, the morning was not filled with patience or boredom but with fun and excitement.

The “super” window washers are already working with the hospital on another, special surprise visit.