Happy Halloween! Google Doodle Celebrates The Spooky Season

Happy Halloween! The latest Google Doodle celebrates Halloween with dancing skeletons, creaking doors, a rowdy black cat, and a nod to the age-old tradition of trick-or-treat.

While far from Google’s most elaborate work, the ‘Happy Halloween!’ Doodle is still a charming interactive treat. A row of animated, squeaky doors can be knocked on, with each opening to reveal different monsters or ghosts, which in turn form the letters of the Google name. Click on each beastie and you’ll get a different reaction – the ghost vanishes, the disembodied eyes (which follow your cursor) blink, and the mummy groans before disappearing.

There are some nice other touches – a crow that hops and caws to and fro across the roof, a spider that obligingly dangles from its web when clicked, a cat that bolts from its dustbin, and, best of all, a skeleton that pulls off a range of groovy dance moves when prompted with a click of the mouse. I might be imagining it, but I’m sure there’s a Gangnam-style horse jig in there…

Across the Doodle, there are other Halloween references – a selection of jack-o’-lanterns sit on the doorsteps, while the central door in the image is numbered ’13.’

Halloween is the second biggest holiday in the United States, and boasts a long history with pagan roots. Whereas fasting and enjoying feasts are practised by some, plenty of families will be out on the streets tonight (weather permitting) to see what they can rustle up while trick-or-treating.


How are you celebrating Halloween this year, readers? Let us know in the comments! Extra points for outfit photos.